Malaysia and her people have grown from strength to strength since its humble beginnings as a nation. Like pioneers of all stripes, Malaysia has been willing to endure hardship, pushing forward despite setbacks, in order to explore new places or try out new things.

For 125 years, Shell has been part of Malaysia’s journey; and Malaysia has been integral to Shell’s growth.

Together, we pioneered the oil and gas industry and fuelled its growth; spudding Miri-1 onshore in 1910, then taking the industry offshore, and most recently into the technically-challenging depths of Deepwater (GK now produces 25% of Malaysia’s oil production). We launched many “firsts“: SMDS, the world’s first commercial Gas-to-Liquids plant, as well as Malaysia’s first refinery in Lutong and Tension Leg Platform with Malikai. We introduced game-changers – GTL-based lubricants, hospitality-centric retail outlets. We fuelled the ambitions of Malaysians: The Lim family – four generations as Shell Retailers; thousands of Shell scholars; future engineers from the Shell Eco Marathon; LiveWIRE’s young entrepreneurs; as well as Shell staff and alumni – luminaries of Malaysia Inc., technical experts from SMDS and took their expertise to Pearl, and even many senior group leaders who had formative stints in Malaysia.

Malaysians today can boast of many achievements on the world stage and will continue to challenge the boundaries to reach new frontiers. Shell will be there at every step of the way, a trusted partner for Fueling Malaysian Progress.

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