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The Shell Malaysia Sustainable Development (SD) Grants seeks to assist Malaysia-based NGOs, local academic institutions, the community and individuals in executing their SD initiatives with a focus on two main areas - environmental conservation and sustainable livelihood. Projects are selected based on practicality, its direct benefits, financial need, sustainability and originality by an independent panel of judges.

This year 9 organisations received their grants on 7th May 2015 to continue their commendable work in assisting communities and conservation efforts in Malaysia.

The SD Grants scheme is open to Malaysian NGOs, and International NGOs with a Malaysian chapter, Community Based Organisations (CBO) and Academic Institutions based in Malaysia.

Sustainable Development Grants Awards Ceremony
Sustainable Development Grants Awards Ceremony
Sustainable Development Grants Awards Ceremony

Projects must fall under one of the two following categories:

  • Environmental Conservation - projects to conserve biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, peat swamps. These projects may be terrestrial, marine, estuarine, freshwater or aerial in nature.
  • Sustainable Livelihood - projects for the development of the poor and/or community livelihood.

Note that the relevance of the project to the abovementioned objectives is crucial to the success of the application. Furthermore, the panel of judges will award points based on the following criteria: practicality, benefits, financial need, sustainability and originality.