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Bonuslink Card face

It's really simple.
Whenever you pump petrol at Shell, shop at Parkson Department Stores, charge your retail purchases to your MBF Cards or use the services of any other BonusLink Partners, you'll collect BonusLink Points that are redeemable for a wide range of FREE quality gifts. The best part? You don't even have to spend a single extra sen! Quality retailers, value-for-money, branded gifts; what a Bonus!

BonusLink Points Structure at Shell

No matter how much you fill, whether you ride a bike or drive a car, here are ways you will benefit:

  • 1L Shell fuels = 1 Point
  • RM1 = 1 Point (for all lubricants)
  • 25% Bonus Points with Shell V-Power Racing
  • Collect bonus Points as illustrated in the bonus Points chart
Bonus Points Chart

Bonus Points Chart
Monthly Purchase (litre) Bonus Points
>500 150
251 - 500 75
125 - 250 25

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