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Shell Helix Ultra and Shell Helix HX 7 API SN pack shots

The API SN specification has been designed to meet the needs of the latest vehicles, and an engine oil that carries this specification must undergo engine testing to ensure that it

  • withstands oxidation and degradation, so it does not thicken or cause deposits
  • flows, even when it has been used in the engine and when temperatures are extremely low
  • protects the engine against wear and corrosion
  • protects against piston deposits and sludge to help ensure the engine stays clean.

To meet the latest API SN specification, new products must attain higher levels of performance, such as for engine cleanliness, compared with the previous API SM performance standard. In addition, engine oils that meet API SN must demonstrate compatibility with certain engine seals to help to prevent oil leaks.

The performance of Shell Helix Ultra and Shell Helix HX7 is tested well beyond that required by the new API specification. We commission extensive tests to prove that Shell Helix Ultra and Shell Helix HX7 can actually clean a dirty car engine, and we subject the oils to thousands of kilometres of road tests.

Shell Helix Ultra and Shell Helix HX7 also exceed the requirements of the stringent ACEAA3/B4 and the demanding car manufacturers’ specifications.

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