LiveWire is one of Shell’s oldest social investment programmes and was started in Scotland in 1982. It focuses on addressing unemployment through youth enterprise.

Malaysia is the latest country to launch the LiveWire programme locally, joining an exclusive network of 18 countries who have been running the LiveWire programme with much success.

Through partnerships with local agencies and incubators, the LiveWire programme comes to life, sharing relevant experience and knowledge, accompanied by a syllabus that is proven to work, and topped off with support for the next 2 years.  

In its first year, the programme selected 6 business ideas to receive the Start-Up support from our esteemed facilitators, Borneo MAD.

Through their careful guidance and coaching, these 6 businesses aim to increase their workforce employed, generate increased revenue and also expand their market beyond what they had prior to participating in LiveWire.

Currently aimed at businesses based in East Malaysia, the LiveWire programme also extends its expertise through its outreach arm to help communities closest to our areas of operations such as the fishing community of Mantanani Island.

MORE IN sustainability

Sustainable Development

With more than a century in Malaysia, we continue to explore opportunities to partner with organisations for sustainable development.

Human Capital Development

Shell Malaysia human capital development programmes include the Shell Malaysia Scholarships, ProjekLINK, Campus Ambassador programmes and PRESTIGE, amongst others.