Shell FuelSave Diesel

Shell FuelSave Diesel

Cut operating costs with our most advanced, dual-detergent formulation for heavy-duty engines.

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Reducing total cost of ownership

Reducing total cost of ownership

Our holistic approach to help your business cut operating costs and unlock efficiency.

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Shell GTL Fuel

Shell GTL Fuel

A cleaner-burning synthetic diesel alternative to help reduce local emissions.

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Commercial Fuels Newsletter

Commercial Fuels Newsletter

Discover market insights and energy trends in our newsletter below. All Commercial Fuels newsletters are available for online reading and as PDF downloads.

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Energy for today and tomorrow

Fuel solutions

Discover how to increase efficiency and reduce emissions of your vehicles and equipment, with a range of energy options such as Shell FuelSave Diesel, Shell Biodiesel and Shell GTL Fuel.

Fuel technical services

Take advantage of our technical expertise to make the most of your fuel - from product training and operations assessment to tailored energy recommendations.

Drive Carbon Neutral

Offsetting with Shell Commercial Fuels can play a key role in your low carbon planning, allowing you to offset unavoidable carbon emissions from your vehicle fleet in a simple and cost-effective way.


Serving your sector


Make fuel work for your bottom line with our products and services developed to help you reduce total cost of ownership. 


Dedicated expertise and tailored solutions to enable higher equipment utilisation and site productivity.

Manufacturing and power generation

Increase your competitiveness and future readiness with bespoke solutions and support from our fuel experts.


Get more from your farming equipment when you need it most in peak seasons.



Fuels innovation

More than 100 years of fuels technology and expertise, delivering the advantages to your business.

Reducing total cost of ownership

Our holistic approach to help your business cut operating costs and unlock efficiency.

Price risk management

Manage your fuel costs in times of volatile energy prices with support from Shell as one of the largest hydrocarbon trading companies in the world.


Providing more and cleaner energy solutions to help you reduce the environmental impact of your operations.



Knowledge Hub


Reliable fuel quality and advice on staff and operations safety, building on our health and safety standards.

Shell GTL Fuel

Shell GTL (gas-to-liquid) Fuel is a cleaner-burning synthetic diesel alternative that can help reduce local emissions and improve local air quality.

Storage and handling

Optimise your fuel usage with best-practice advice and solutions for fuel storage and handling.

What our customers say

Our innovation comes to life when applied in our customers’ vehicles and equipment. In many sectors worldwide, customers test and demonstrate the benefits of our products in their own operations.