We use advanced technologies to make it easier and faster for you to do business with us

Our touchless eBusiness tools provide automated methods for simpler fuel management, standardised order processing and invoicing. From placing orders to accessing account and product information, our tools are at your convenience to help you run your business.

Our touchless services can save you valuable time and money by easing and optimising your daily contacts and transactions with us. You can use our automated tools across your entire company – from purchasing and supply management to order processing and customer service.

It also means that you do business with us when and where it is most convenient to you - flexibility that can greatly improve the efficiency of your operations.

We offer you a range of tools to suit your specific business needs*:

Shell MarketHub

Telephone queueing? Not with Shell MarketHub, our web-based platform for online transactions. It is free, simple to use and secure, available for you 24/7 to place orders, review them before submitting, check order status, download documents, and view account information in real time.

Self-Service Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Need to make a fuel order quickly? Self-Service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is our free service for fuel ordering, delivery checks or account inquiries. You just need a telephone to call us anytime you need. 


Have you ever looked for ways to handle paper statements more effectively? By adopting eStatement, a hassle free tool which helps create a greener environment, you can receive your Statement of Account via e-mail.

*Tools availability varies per type of customer

On-Site Services

Expertise and support for your fuel storage needs

We have developed a range of storage and refuelling solutions to suit your fuel needs. We provide expert advice on the design, construction and management of fuel storage facilities and supply processes. We can help you choose and procure facilities for tank capacity and storage optimisation according to your needs.

We constantly look for ways to increase our expertise and help you find the right solution for safe and efficient storage and refuelling with our products.

On-Site Refuelling

Our professional delivery fleet offers an on-site refuelling service by competent personnel to provide mobile deliveries around your site to refuel your equipment. Our designated Shell refuelling fleet and fully trained operators help you optimise the use of your equipment through cost savings in labour, storage and dispensing facilities for refuelling.

Engineering Consultancy

We offer consultancy services in three key areas: Product Storage, Product Application and HSE Compliance. Often our advice is given for a one-off project, but many customers are benefiting from on-going involvement with our engineering consultants.

Fuel Facility Support

We also offer a range of support services through all stages of fuel storage design, equipment procurement and construction. If your requirements are more complex and you need help at a more technical level, then our expert team will be pleased to help with your storage challenges.

Safe Delivery

Assurance that our products meet stringent Health, Safety and Environmental standards

Our commitment to health, safety and the environment (HSE) goes beyond our premises and vehicles, and includes our delivery to your facilities. Our stringent HSE standards ensure we deliver our products to your premises safely.

World Class Delivery

Over the years, we have worked to ensure that our delivery vehicles are specifically designed and built in accordance with strict HSE standards and equipped with sophisticated safety devices. We require vehicles carrying our products to go through regular vehicle inspections supported by an ongoing process of equipment upgrades.

Efficient Service

Fuel delivery fleets on the road are carefully managed with route planning to ensure that vehicles carrying our products use only authorised and appropriate routes. Journey times are regularly monitored and any hazards likely to be encountered on route are communicated to drivers.

Driver Management

Drivers delivering our fuels must pass a stringent testing process and their skills are continuously assessed and upgraded. As well as requiring the right driving qualifications, we also have strict drug and alcohol policies, and fitness for work requirements designed to verify that drivers have the right aptitude to deliver your fuel. In the field, driver standards are maintained in several ways. Defensive driver training is refreshed regularly, safe behaviour is incentivised and recognised, and there is on-going communication via safety documents, HSE meetings and route planning.

Professional Advice

We provide you with effective communications, a reliable supply of fuel,and our expertise is the key

We value the relationship we have with you and understand that providing you with effective communications, a reliable supply of fuel, and our expertise is key. By continually developing that commitment with you and providing essential solutions when needed, we can be part of the same winning team.

Expertise of our Account Managers

Our Account Manager has experience with operations like yours and will take time to understand your specific needs. Our customer support service is here for you, to manage your needs on a daily basis. Our focus ensures that you will receive a high level of customer service across all areas of your relationship with us.

Fit-for-purpose Solution

To help you achieve your business goals, you need a fuel partner to optimise your supply needs. We are here to make it easy for you to choose Shell products for their quality and reliability, while also simplifying processes for ordering, delivery, invoicing, and payment. We have developed sales and support teams that can help you decide on which products you need and devise and implement a supply schedule that suits your business.

HSSE Support and Audit

We provide support to assure legal compliance as minimum standard as stated in Shell‘s General HSSE Guidelines for Shell Distributors. Branded/light branded distributors must be audited on regular basis with support from Shell HSSE team

Our fuel-related services developed to help you get the most of our fuels in your operations and your business:

Shell Fuel Technical Services

Delivering technical excellence to your operations with Shell Fuel Technical Services. The right choice of fuels can offer you optimised fuel consumption, lower operating costs and easier maintenance. Using the most professional fuels management protocols will keep your chosen fuels in good condition and support your sites in complying with the highest safety and environmental standards. Shell's team of fuels experts can help with your fuels issues. Our technical experts and scientist offer technical knowledge on product applications and practical advice on fuels quality and fuels handling issues. We are passionate about helping customers to use our products effectively, so that they bring maximum value to your businesses.

Shell Fuel Advisor service

Shell Fuel Advisor service provides technical expertise relating to fuel system quality assurance, product selection, troubleshooting fuels-related applications issues and assisting with the implementation of premium products. The service is delivered through teams of highly trained technical staff both office based and in the field. Selecting the right fuel for the right application helps to ensure that your operations run efficiently, disruptions are minimised and costs reduced. Making use of expert fuels advice leaves you free to concentrate on maximising production for your business.

Shell Fuel Expert

Shell Fuel Expert is a specialist fuels management, product training and inspection service designed for customers who have their own fuels storage facilities. Our Fuel experts will conduct a detailed assessment at your fuel farm designed to offer you a thorough evaluation of all fuels-related activities in your business. The assessment is designed to give you a new perspective on best practices to manage your fuel storage and its utilisation, helping you to identify areas for improvement, and leading to potential cost savings.

Download our Shell Fuel Technical Service brochure to find out more

Shell PQ Academy

Shell PQ Academy provides an in-house or on site courses regarding the features of our products, delivery procedures and protocols as well as storage and handling of our fuels.

Shell Fuel Doctors

Shell Fuel Doctors is a helpline service which provides first hand support troubleshooting on the spot and remotely. This may sometimes result in Shell Fuel Expert.

Shell Fuel Analyst

Shell Fuel Analyst grants customer access to Shell Accredited Third Party Laboratory Services for the following product families; Residual Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Petrol and Kerosene only. It also provides laboratory results in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format and test Kit for Differentiated Fuel complete with Tutorial. In addition, Fuel Technical Advisers interpretations are provided with the Laboratory results by email or hard prints.

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