Total Cost of Ownership¹

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Within only one month of converting to Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology2, the haulage company, Mayang Bayumas Sdn. Bhd, experienced savings of 30% of the total operational cost (translates to more than MYR 60,000 per month).

“Since we switched to Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX technology, we have noticed that our maintenance frequency and costs have been reduced and we can utilise our time and funds better to manage our operating schedule. Even our engine parts suppliers have noticed the less frequent need for replacements” - (MR. BADRUL HISYAM, Director of Mayang Bayumas)

Vehicle Reliability

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Shell FuelSave Diesel, enhanced with DYNAFLEX Technology2 is now helping Chung Nyap Yoon Sdn. Bhd. improve their vehicle reliability even further.

“Our vehicles are required to run for long hours each day to maximise productivity, and Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology helps us to achieve this and gives us peace of mind.” - (SIMON LEE, Director of Chung Nyap Yoon)

Effective Cost Management

Malibu Group, one of Sabah’s (Malaysia)

Malibu Group, one of Sabah’s (Malaysia) most prominent enterprises increased its operating efficiency through savings of up to 20% in maintenance costs after switching to Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology.

“Now we no longer believe all diesel are the same. Shell FuelSave Diesel with DYNAFLEX Technology makes a difference for us” - (MR. EDWARD ANG, Owner of Malbumi Group)

Penang Port Ferries

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Extend engine maintenance interval3 and reduce black smoke and CO2 emissions3

“We observed an improvement in our engine operating efficiency, which allowed us to extend our maintenance intervals3. We calculate that this in turn helped us save costs from reduced downtime, manpower and spare parts3. We also observed a reduction in carbon deposits on our engine injectors, resulting in cleaner combustion3. We estimate that this translated into a saving of more than 3%3 in fuel consumption.” – (TECHNICAL TEAM, Penang Port)

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1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is defined by Shell Lubricants as the total amount spent on industrial equipment, including cost of acquisition and operation over its entire working life, including costs of lost production during equipment downtime
2. DYNAFLEX technology or DYNAFLEX formulation is Shell latest generation of advanced formulations for gasoline and diesel fuels. See for more information.
3. Based on customer’s testing results and one litre of diesel fuel produces about 2.63kg of CO2 in heavy duty engines up to and including Euro III.

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