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Condition monitoring is widely used to determine the condition of equipment without interfering normal operations. Periodic maintenance is regularly carried out based on the condition of the in-service equipment and their internal components are usually lubricated continuously with dedicated lubrication oil systems. However, there will be instances when the equipment is not in operation or being idle over a long period of time and the components within the equipment tend to be subjected to stationary rest. This causes lubrication circulation to cease within the components of the equipment. In some cases, the entry of air into internal cavities of the equipment may cause the collection of water to occur in these parts of the equipment due to the condensation process. To add to this issue, possible ingress of external contaminations such as dust, dirt, etc. may also take place if the equipment is located at a rather unclean environment, whereby the lubrication oil system is not able to filter out these potential contaminants as it is not in operation. This causes the oil to degrade at a much faster rate. As one of the core functions of lubrication is to protect vital components in an equipment from the oxidation effect and rusting, corrosion of metal components may occur under these undesirable conditions which causes unforeseen equipment breakdown.

Uncertain if the lubricants in your machineries are still in optimal working condition after a long idle time? A total oil change is expensive, and is it something you really need now? We are offering you a Complimentary Oil Analysis Test to check your oil condition, clear your doubts, and give you a peace of mind for your business. Terms and conditions apply.

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Discover how to improve equipment reliability and save money on your maintenance

Shell LubeAnalyst is a health check for your lubricants and machinery. It is an oil condition monitoring service which helps you to keep your business running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.

Shell LubeAnalyst will help your business to save money and time on maintenance and potential lost production caused by equipment failures. It is an early warning system which aims to give you peace of mind knowing that both your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

The Shell LubeAnalyst system is fast and easy to use.  Having registered for the service online, you take oil samples from your equipment and send them to one of our laboratories. As soon as we’ve tested and analysed your samples, we email you our diagnosis and recommendations. This way, Shell LubeAnalyst provides an early warning system to give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order.

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To find out more about the LubeAnalyst service please use our contact page to speak to a Shell representative. If you’re an existing customer click the button below to visit ShellLubeAnalyst.

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