Shell Fuel Card provides our business customers with a secure and efficient way to buy fuels and access a range of other great services. With over 50 years of fuel card expertise across the largest network of stations in the world, a Shell Fuel Card can give you greater control, convenience and security-which means you’ll find that it saves you money, too.

Cut costs, improve control

You’ll see real benefits to your business as soon as your drivers start using their Shell Fuel Card. Cost control and less administration all help to create a more efficient, profitable business.

We’ll help you manage your fuel spend so you can concentrate on what you do best; managing your business.

Access wide networks across Malaysia

We offer one of the largest networks of sites across Malaysia, so wherever your drivers go they’ll never be far from a Shell service station.

National acceptance

Whether locally or all over the world, with our national cards you can choose where your drivers can use their Shell fuel card.

Manage your account 24/7 – anytime, anywhere

Shell Fleet Hub, our one-stop online platform for card management allows you to download customised reports, track activity and savings, simplify administration as well as boost security to help reduce fraud. 

Fuel card security

Security is a key feature of our Shell Fuel Card. With individual PINs, control over card usage and dedicated fraud teams, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind as well as quicker, more convenient fuel card management.

Fuel and Fleet Management

Some see a fuel card. We see a smarter way of doing things. Set up fuel consumption, transaction and exception reports. Receive, store and share invoices electronically. Order cards, change details and cancel existing ones. With the peace of mind that you always have all the ‘paperwork’ you need, at the touch of a button.

We also offer a convenient Electronic PIN (E-PIN) delivery system –designed to securely keep you and your business moving. You will experience a faster and simpler way to receive your Shell Fuel Card PIN code, sent to your registered e-mail address securely. E-PIN is the default PIN delivery option. Just provide your e-mail address in the Shell Fuel Card Online Administrator Particulars in the Shell Fuel Card Application form.

At a glance 

Key benefits

  • One simple invoice for your whole fleet 
  • Access to one of the largest networks across Malaysia 
  • 24/7 online account management services

More in business Customers

Shell Fuel Card for Government Subsidised Diesel

We have a solution specially tailored for individuals and companies who are eligible for the Government's Diesel Subsidy Programme

Why Get a Shell Fuel Card?

Whether you business is local or international we have the fuel card to suit your needs. We look at every detail and offer the tools and services to help reduce operating costs so your fleet performs better.

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