To meet your business requirements, Shell offers you the choice of two diesel subsidy cards.

The Postpaid Shell Fuel Card for Government Subsidised Diesel

  • Enjoy up to 30 days credit
  • One card solution - combine subsidised and non-subsidised purchases in one card
  • Secure transaction via Security PIN to deter unauthorised usage.
  • Shell Fleet Hub - One-stop online platform for card management
  • Secured online invoicing and e-mail alerts to deter fraud
  • Convenient Shell Fuel Card PIN codes sent via e-mail. Electronic PIN (E-PIN) sent to your registered e-mail address so you can immediately start using your Shell Fuel Card

E-PIN is the default PIN delivery option. Just provide your e-mail address in the Shell Fleet Hub Administrator Particulars in the Shell Fuel Card Application Form

Shell Fuel Cash Card for Subsidised Diesel

  • Flexibility to set individual quota for every card
  • No Prepayment required
  • Pay cash when you want to refuel
  • Get BonusLink Points when you refuel
  • Secured transaction via Security PIN to deter unauthorized usage.

What does it cost you?

Absolutely nothing! There's no annual or joining fees.

Who can apply?

Individuals or companies with one or more diesel vehicles may apply; so long as they receive the Skim Kawalan Diesel Subsidi (SKDS) letter from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (MTDCC).

How to apply?

To start enjoying your subsidy, simply complete the application form and return it to us along with your supporting documents.If you require assistance in filling up your form, you may contact our Shell Fleet Solutions Customer Service Centre.

More in business Customers

Shell Fuel Card for commercial vehicles

If you run a fleet of cars, vans, trucks and coaches, choose Shell fuel card to take advantage of Shell’s network, fuel quality and expertise.

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