Borne out of Shell’s decades of research into gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, Shell MDS in Bintulu is the world’s very first commercial GTL plant. Producing high quality, environmentally friendly GTL products, Shell MDS has grown with the people of Bintulu and continues to push the boundaries of GTL innovation.


Safety Culture, Work Environment and Goal Zero at Shell MDS

At Shell MDS, we are fully committed to Goal Zero – no harm and no leaks across our operation.

Shell MDS on Bintulu Community, Employment & Road Safety

Shell MDS has been part of the Bintulu community for 25 years and is committed to ensuring that the local community shares in the benefits of our operations.

Shell GTL Products (Gas to Liquid)

Explore our range of high-quality finished products including GTL waxes, drilling base fluids, chemicals & fuels.