Shell MDS employees at GTL plant

Proudly based in Bintulu, Sarawak, Shell MDS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd uses Shell’s proprietary Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis process, built on 3500 patents, to convert natural gas into hydrocarbon liquids.

A range of high-quality finished products are created from these hydrocarbon liquids, including GTL waxes, drilling fluids and chemicals. The end products produced by Shell MDS contain almost none of the impurities – sulphur, aromatics and nitrogen – that are found in crude oil, which means that they are cleaner and safer for us and for the environment.

Shell MDS began its commercial operations in 1993. Today, it is home to approximately 400 staff, 89% of which come from Sarawak state, showcasing the distinct talent and capabilities of Sarawak-ians.

In 2018, Shell MDS commemorated its 25 years of service, and its journey to bring Bintulu to the world continues.

Location: Bintulu, Sarawak

Category: Gas-to-Liquids plant

Ownership: Shell (72%), Mitsubishi (14%), Sarawak state (7%), PETRONAS (7%)

Operator: Shell

Capacity: 500,000 tonnes of liquid and solid hydrocarbon products per year

No. of Employees: Approximately 400 (of which 98% are Malaysian, 89% from Sarawak state)

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Shell pioneered the Fischer-Tropsch gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology in the world’s first full scale GTL plant of its kind in Bintulu, Malaysia, achieving commercial GTL production in 1993.

It is the culmination of 25 years of research into the utilisation of natural gas for the production of synthetic waxes, fuels and specialty chemicals, according to the GTL process diagram below.

carbon , hydrogen and oxygen diagram

Inside Shell MDS

Shell GTL Products (Gas to Liquid)

Explore our range of high-quality finished products including GTL waxes, drilling base fluids, chemicals & fuels.

Safety Culture, Work Environment and Goal Zero at Shell MDS

At Shell MDS, we are fully committed to Goal Zero – no harm and no leaks across our operation.

Shell MDS on Bintulu Community, Employment & Road Safety

Shell MDS has been part of the Bintulu community for 25 years and is committed to ensuring that the local community shares in the benefits of our operations.