Employees for Goal Zero at Shell

At Shell MDS, we are fully committed to Goal Zero – no harm and no leaks across our operation.

All processing units and equipment in Shell MDS are designed, built and operated to rigorous safety standards, underpinned by Shell’s Health, Security, Safety, Environment & Social Performance Commitment and Policy. We conduct regular preventive maintenance and comprehensive equipment inspection programmes to keep our people and the communities around us safe from harm.

In pursuit of Goal Zero, we work relentlessly to strengthen our safety culture, which is complemented by a competent workforce. Apart from ensuring that people responsible for tasks with a significant safety hazard have the necessary training and skills, Shell MDS draws from Shell’s network of safety experts who share and implement best practices around the world.

Inside Shell MDS

Shell GTL Products (Gas to Liquid)

Explore our range of high-quality finished products including GTL waxes, drilling base fluids, chemicals & fuels.

Shell MDS on Bintulu Community, Employment & Road Safety

Shell MDS has been part of the Bintulu community for 25 years and is committed to ensuring that the local community shares in the benefits of our operations.