Shell GTL Products

Shell GTL Products

Shell GTL Waxes - Sarawax

Shell GTL Waxes are specialty waxes produced with high linearity and narrow carbon number distribution, suitable for a range of applications ranging from hot melt adhesives, PVC lubricants, printing inks, rubber and tyre to candles, personal care and packaging material.

Shell GTL Drilling Base Fluids

Shell GTL Drilling Base Fluids are innovative, non-toxic, multi-application synthetic drilling base fluids derived from natural gas.

Shell GTL Fuels and Solvents

Shell GTL Chemicals are high purity, low odour and virtually colourless hydrocarbons derived from natural gas, suitable in various applications.

Shell GTL Asphalt Additives

Shell GTL Asphalt Additives are versatile additives polymerised from natural gas, suitable for high-quality Warm Mix Asphalt applications on roads, highways, bridges and airport runways.


Pushing Boundaries of Shell MDS Innovation

Safety Culture, Work Environment and Goal Zero at Shell MDS

At Shell MDS, we are fully committed to Goal Zero – no harm and no leaks across our operation.

Shell MDS on Bintulu Community, Employment & Road Safety

Shell MDS has been part of the Bintulu community for 25 years and is committed to ensuring that the local community shares in the benefits of our operations.