Building the Shell of tomorrow, today

Shell is taking giant strides in transforming itself into a customer centric business, diversifying the offerings from fuel to convenience items and services required to make mobility a delightful experience. Shell is also redefining its role in decarbonization – it is not just about going green for ourselves, but also enabling the larger sectors in their decarbonizing journeys. As part of its pledge to become net-zero, Shell will reduce & offset carbon across its own operations, its products and its customers. To exemplify the scale of the mission, achieving its target would require Shell to power 50 million households with renewable electricity, operate more than 2.5 million charging points for electric vehicles and produce eight times more low-carbon fuels by 2030.

At Shell, we see the potential of Data Science and recognise it as the starting point of change – optimising our present systems and laying robust foundations to enable the delivery of consistent, affordable and secure energy solutions in the future.

Our 500-member strong and growing community of data scientists use their skills and the best-in-class technology infrastructure that Shell offers to deliver insights, business predictions, and solutions revolutionising our approach to business.

We are growing our community of data scientists and adding more thought leaders who are as excited about using data to power progress as we are.

Data is omnipresent


At Shell, we believe that transformation requires going beyond the use of new technology. It requires a cultural shift where businesses, technology and Data Science teams collaborate to redefine the future.

Our scientists are proficient in technology, analytics, artificial intelligence, and research and have a practical understanding of how businesses function. This multidisciplinary approach enables our teams to seamlessly collaborate with Shell businesses across the world and deliver innovative, efficient and scalable business solutions derived from vast amounts of real-world data.

With a presence in nearly 80 countries and a portfolio as diverse as Shell offers, our data scientists have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects at every stage of a business.

This could range from building predictive maintenance systems for manufacturing and analysing thousands of measurements that our physical assets generate each minute to developing algorithms that optimise pricing of our retail products, using analytics and machine learning to drive effective marketing, optimizing our supply chains and terminal operations and building world class forecasting solutions for the volatile energy commodities.

Tapping data’s full potential

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According to the International Data Corporation, there are 33 Zettabytes of data in the world, which is projected to grow to 175 Zettabytes by 2025. Nearly 90 per cent of that data was created in the last two years. At Shell, we believe that increasing data is an asset for companies of the future. Utilising vast data volumes in a scientific and structured manner can improve decision making and revolutionise the way we operate our businesses.
To keep pace with and make the best use of data our businesses and assets generate, we encourage our scientists to explore a wide range of technology and learning opportunities to grow themselves and their communities.

At our end, we actively work towards creating opportunities like the Nanodegree program, the E4 incubation program and organising hackathons and boot camps where our analysts and scientists can grow and upskill themselves further by learning from industry leaders.

The future backed by data

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Data today does not come from tables and reports. It comes from blockchain, IoT devices, drones and several petabytes of videos from land and marine surveys, among other sources. Organisations and teams that can harness this data in real-time and deliver solutions that drive business value and accelerate energy transition are the ones who will find themselves in the position to make a tangible impact.

Data Science for us is not just about technologies and algorithms, its about identifying the problems that can be solved, businesses & processes that can be transformed using AI and having the business partnering skills to drive real value on the field.

At Shell, we count on our data science teams to help us fast-track our transformation and make it future ready for energy solutions.

Ways we Work

At Shell we derive success from our people working in global multicultural delivery teams. We offer flexible working conditions enabling to work both at the office and from home. We have a culture of continuous learning including people development and growth opportunities. We offer the opportunity and grow your career across all different areas of Shell.

We have different “Neighbourhoods/Networks for you to mingle and innovate with like-minded people. Providing opportunities to grow along with a safe and fun workplace is a keen focus our teams have.