Chrissie on assignment

In 2012, Chrissie Lojikim received the Chief Petroleum Engineering award as recognition for going above and beyond her call of duty to fill in the vacant supervisory role of a Workflow Consultant. 

“At that time, I had a lot on my plate but I also dedicated additional hours to do my Workflow Consultant tasks. Because of my acknowledged hardwork, I was able to get my progression at that time as well,” she recalls.

Currently the Discipline Lead of Production Seismologist in Shell, she frequently engages with her team in order to understand the support that they need, and how to align their personal goals with that of the organisation.

“My staff and I have weekly engagements on whatever support they need in their day-to-day job. I also always try to find opportunities for them to close their gaps or broaden their skills as being at the supervisory level, I am able to access and suggest suitable projects for them,” Chrissie says.

She goes on to elaborate how the company recognises performance no matter how big or small. From acknowledging achievements through post-it notes, to verbal recognition during weekly meetings, Chrissie emphasises the need for these meaningful appreciation as it brings encouragement and motivation to everyone. 

“In my own personal experience, Shell is a company that cares about their employees’ development, providing excellent formal training, and also on-the-job learning. Everyone has an Individual Development Plan that you can discuss with your supervisor to structure a roadmap that you want to achieve personally in the organisation.”

She goes on to conclude by saying how her supervisors in the past have been very supportive, providing her the platform and opportunities she needs, pulling from their resources to help her.

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