Hi, I’m Norliza Rahayu Ishak. I’m a Legal Counsel in the Shell Business Operations (SBO) office – part of a winning team in Shell Future Legal II – in Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur. I’m new to the Trading & Supply Legal organisation in Malaysia, and it’s been an exciting journey for me. It’s demanding, too, but this is one of the best corporate legal departments in the world and I’m happiest taking on a challenge to deliver the very best work I can. My team has astonishing insight into the energy industry and it’s that, coupled with our intimacy with the company, that makes us so agile. And although I have only been with Shell for a couple of months, I see a truly diverse culture here. How Shell tries to mould the office enviroment to be conducive to all really makes this company a great place to work.

It was a great honour for me to meet the top legal chief, and the whole engagement process gave me a clearer overview of the business’ aims and objectives. It helped me realise that Shell’s incredible legal teams aren’t just lawyers, we’re business partners that share insight and influence across the entire company. It was a very memorable meeting, and I will definitely share these exciting moments with the rest of the new joiners at SBO Legal. 

This is the SBO Legal team, getting warmed up and ready for the Officiation. I am so happy that I have this positive, collaborative team of colleagues around me, who are always so dedicated to making events a success.

And here are our joyous, very relieved faces! This was taken after a very successfully completed Officiation event; mission accomplished! I cannot praise my colleagues enough. I think you can tell by my face that I was glad it was over, but I gained such an enormous amount from the experience.

It was an amazing experience and a golden opportunity for me to work with all three of them. They provided valuable guidance and constant support throughout the event, and also embodied the fact that ours is a one-team approach. We’re all in it together – developing and learning as one diverse and dynamic team.

I always enjoy working with my colleagues who are, to say the least, a very intelligent and wonderful bunch – the level of insight and influence they have about the business and the industry, from the politics to the science, never fails to amaze. I’m really looking forward to seeing this team grow further.

This was taken at a lunch with Trading and Supply, and some wonderful and savvy lawyers in London. It was a great session and I really got to know my colleagues from across the globe, sharing our personal stories and experiences. At SBO, it’s amazing what you can learn and discover from a diverse group of professionals you get to engage with, globally.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are of the individuals featured and are not representative of the views of the Shell group of companies and their affiliates.


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