As a fresh graduates Rohana Binti Hj Abdul Rahman, after completing her MBA (Leadership) from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, says she had ambitions of working in a Multi-National Company and what pleasantly surprised and reinforced her decision to work with Shell was the guidance she received through the entire recruitment process. “The recruiter took me through all the details about the role for which I was being considered,” says Rohana. She also received a Candidate Information Pack that had detailed information about the campus and guidelines on what one can expect at the interview, the kind of questions a candidate can prepare for and a step-by-step assessment process.

“Shell made the process so much simpler which made me less nervous and gave me room to focus on my interview,”

Rohana explains.
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Shell Business Operations Kuala Lumpur (SBOKL), whilst operating as a hub to support our Shell global businesses around the world, the roles you will find are beyond the generic transactional roles, but more analytical and strategic. Because she showed these qualities, Rohana aced the interview and started work as a Finance Associate at SBOKL in 2018. As a new employee, she continued to be impressed at how Shell ensured her transition into the job went as smoothly as her recruitment.

On her first day, she was greeted at the lobby by her HR representative. “I was offered a personal tour to acquaint me with the departments and the work culture,” she says.
Rohana didn’t take long to settle into her first job and what helped her the most, she says, were the company’s core values of respect, honesty and integrity which translates to open communication policy and welcoming of new ideas. Every quarter, she has coffee with her process manager, a practice in which senior executives have informal conversations with members of their team to catch-up and listen to thoughts that each one has to raise or share. “He (my process manager) encouraged me to express my thoughts freely,” Rohana explains.

Rohana’s colleague, Go Yuan Fon, who has worked as a Customer Operations Specialist at Shell Business Operations Kuala Lumpur for 18 months, also appreciates the open sharing. “When I voice my ideas to seniors, they take them into consideration and also hold discussions on whether they can be executed. This openness in the work culture and the trust they place in fresh graduates has helped me grow in my role.”

Like Rohana, Yuan Fon, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Business Management from Sunway University, decided to join Shell because he was impressed by the SBOKL recruiter and what Shell had to offer. He got to know the company better at a career fair at his university. “I was looking to work with a company that adds value to the environment and society and Shell ticked all the boxes for me because of its focus on clean energy. This gave me an opportunity to be in a role that could make some impact.”

Aside from the opportunities to contribute, grow, get international exposure and make an impact, both Yuan Fon and Rohana also acknowledge the small gestures that show the care the organisation puts in for the well being of its members. “It can be seen in something as small as fresh fruits that are sent to us each week or a fully-equipped gymnasium on campus which makes sure we are leading fit and balanced lives without having to spend any extra money,” explains Rahman.

Every year, we hire 80 to 100 fresh graduates, informs Sheila Bala, SBOKL Resourcing Manager. “The roles that we offer to freshers aren’t just transactional but also focus on their analytical and communication skills. It helps their professional development and also shows them how they can add more value and make a greater impact,” she explains.

At SBOKL, we ensure that candidates come in prepared, even from the point of coming in for an interview. Everything from the Candidate Information Pack to programmes such as the Buddy System and leadership skill-building sessions are designed to smoothly integrate new hires and to facilitate their growth.

“Through upskilling and Emotional Intelligence development sessions, we also equip the senior management in the organisation to adapt to the needs of the younger generation,”

says Sheila.

Shell Business Operations Kuala Lumpur has emerged as a popular choice of workplace for many young professionals in Malaysia, and has recently won the Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA), Malaysia, in the Shared services category. The GCA serves as a Seal of Excellence – the assurance that an organization is not only of great distinction, but also a great place to work, learn and grow.

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