Having to relocate for work is no easy feat. That said, it was pretty much cakewalk for Yong Hui Yik on the account of her supportive colleagues and mentors. As a Retail Network Planner at Shell, she tells us how the guidance and help received from the people around her extends beyond the workplace.

“When I relocated to Kuala Lumpur for this position, my line managers and the Head of Function constantly supported me; and it was not only limited to the workplace. I enjoyed the comradeship that expanded beyond work.”

Having joined the Shell Graduate Programme a year back, her current job scope is to scout for suitable land to aid the development of new petrol stations. She recalls to us how her superiors have helped her grow through her time at Shell. The structured three-month onboarding programme helped her to acclimatize to the work culture and by being conversant with the local stakeholders, her learning curve was expedited.

“People here give you advice and guide you along the way, providing me with the opportunity to learn. Trial and error is part of the learning process here for improvements to be made,” she highlights.

Touching on her day-to-day interactions and work experiences, she describes her job as “challenging as well as fast moving when it comes to decisions making”, at the same time giving nod to her colleagues, explaining how they are a diverse yet inclusive bunch who are open-minded and bear respect for each other.

When asked the most unique aspect of the organisation, Hui Yik simply says: “The people.” While her leaders are quick to acknowledge and recognise her performance, they are also supportive in her own career developments, expanding her interpersonal as well as analytical skills.

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