Alyssa with her Maintenance Manager during Shell Sarawak Asset Dinner

For Alyssa Maiyor, Shell is an organisation that is fueled by professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and work alongside each other. The Graduate Process Engineer believes that no matter the roles that employees have, everyone grows together as a team.

“I think the working culture at Shell is really about the development of the people. One of the unique aspects of working here is that it is largely a people-driven organisation. Not only does the company focus on your technical capacities, such as wanting you to grow as leaders, it also wants you to be well developed on a personal level,” says Alyssa.

One example she raises on how Shell allows for personal growth would be through the development of social skills through leadership training courses, where she was taught to manage her time and better communicate with her superiors. She goes on to add how Shell values such growth in its people, providing opportunities even for its newer employees.

“As a recent graduate, I’ve only been in the company for a year, but my superiors trust me to lead projects and studies, allowing me to call these endeavors my own. I greatly appreciate my leaders for placing their trust in me,” she elaborates.

While she is not afraid to admit that it takes her some confidence to present her findings to her colleagues, she is thankful that they guide her along the way, and make her feel like she is as valuable to the company as everyone else.

Ultimately, Alyssa believes that an organisation like Shell that places such emphasis on the development of each employee will only lead to greater competence in its team members and their respective fields.

Benefits of working at Shell

Discover the benefits of working at Shell, from our outstanding training programmes to the multiple opportunities to network and collaborate.

Benefits of working at Shell

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