An opportunity to make a difference to improve the world around him was one of the things that attracted Andry Salin to Shell. He’s been surprised how quickly he’s been able to do it and says it’s one of the best things about working for the company.

“In my first role, as a Graduate Materials and Corrosion Engineer, I made a recommendation to replace process piping. It wasn’t long before I moved to my next role as an Inspection Engineer, and I found I was in charge of actually getting this work carried out. Being directly responsible for this change really showed me that you don’t have to have years of experience to make a difference in Shell. You’re encouraged to put forward your ideas, knowing someone will listen to them.”

Andry grew up near the Shell’s facility in Miri, Malaysia. He said he, and many of his fellow students, aspired to work for the company. After he graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Andry decided to try and fulfil his childhood ambition, and applied to Shell. “I particularly wanted to work with Shell in Miri and prayed that a role would come up for me. Being accepted onto the Shell Graduate Programme was just the opportunity I had been looking for.”

As a graduate entrant, Andry had high expectations of his new employer. He said he was pleased to find his team also had high expectations of him, and they quickly learned to trust one another. “In my first week I conducted technical analysis on a real piping inspection report from an offshore facility. I was encouraged by how quickly I was given real responsibility and asked to make decisions. I learn best on the job, completing real-life tasks, which is exactly what you're offered as a Shell graduate,” he said.

After completing the Shell Graduate Programme in November 2015, Andry wanted to further develop his technical and people skills, so he enrolled in the Shell Advanced Technical Programme.

Andry’s current role, as Permit to Work coordinator for Shell’s Malikai development off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia, has presented just the kind of new challenges he was looking for.

“My previous role was very technical, whereas this job is really operational and I have a lot of responsibility for ensuring workers’ safety. I get to connect with lots of different people, including managers and contractors.”

As part of the Shell Advanced Technical Programme, Andry has designed his own development plan. He said: “I can propose to my mentors and supervisor how I will achieve my learning objectives in line with the programme structure. It comes down to me; I'm able to be proactive.”

Looking to the future, Andry aspires to undertake an international assignment as a government relations advisor. This ambition was sparked when he met Dato' Sri Idris Jala, current Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Government's Performance Management and Delivery Unit, who worked for Shell previously.

“I’m from a technical background , but my real passion is in economic and foreign policy. At Shell, I have the opportunity to look for overseas assignments; I can learn more, then bring my experience back to Malaysia.”

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