Chemical engineering graduate Adeline Peter Affery is preparing for her first offshore assignment, just six months after joining the Shell Graduate Programme. Thanks to the support of her co-workers and the responsibility she’s enjoyed so far, she’s ready to face the challenge.

Adeline’s first posting was with the Integrated Activity Planning team. With determination and the help of colleagues, she learnt how to bring together different functional activities into an integrated plan.

She said she’s glad to have been given such responsibility so early, as it’s given her and her supervisors the confidence for her to move to her next assignment offshore Sarawak.

“You have to pick things up quickly and learn on the job,” she said. “My colleagues are very capable and are more than happy to help me. They inspire me to push the limits of what I can achieve and really take charge of my own future. Now I’m really excited about going offshore and the new things I will learn there.”

Adeline, who studied at the University of British Columbia, in Canada, gained her first close-up experience of Shell during an Assessed Internship, when she was given the chance to get involved in real projects and immersed herself in the industry.

Adeline passed the internship assessment and was offered a place on the Shell Graduate Programme. She joined after graduating from university the following year.

“My father, who encouraged me to excel in whatever I did, worked for Shell, so I knew it was one of the top multi-national companies,” she said.

Being part of Shell as a Trainee Operations Engineer has lived up to her expectations. “I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far and it provides a solid platform to build my future on. I think Shell provides the best training and career opportunities for young graduates because it exposes you to so many different areas and allows you to be flexible in your career path,” Adeline said. “I get to work with different teams, and have six months to a year to learn as much as I can about each particular role, before the next rotation.

“It will really help me decide what I want to do in the long-term.”

“I’m lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work with one of the most innovative energy companies,” Adeline added. “With my own ambition, and my background in chemical engineering, I feel I can contribute to Shell’s long-term goals.”

What would Adeline’s advice be to any graduates considering being a part of Shell’s future too?
“Go for it!”

*Find out how an Assessed Internship could help you get to know Shell from the inside and decide whether a career with us is right for you.

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