As an ambitious young graduate, Fiona Fabian aspired to join Shell because she’d heard so many positive things from others. As a young mother, she wanted to work for a company where she could develop and make an impact while having the flexibility to raise her family. Her experience with Shell has lived up to everything she had expected.

Fiona graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with a degree in civil engineering, and then worked three years elsewhere in the energy sector.

“Even during that time it was my dream to work at Shell,” Fiona recalled. “Shell has the reputation of being one of the best employers in the world.”

Fiona applied to the Shell Graduate Programme in Malaysia and joined as a Graduate Structural Engineer. Fiona is currently attached to the Structural Maintenance team, based in Miri, Sarawak, as part of her development plan.

Being involved with the inspection and maintenance of Shell’s structures in Malaysia, including offshore visits, she feels lucky to have a varied role. Even more importantly, she is fully encouraged to be hands-on and demonstrate what she can do.

Having the opportunity to show initiative is something that Fiona quickly appreciated about the Shell Graduate Programme. She said she’s found that her colleagues share her drive and talent, and they also want to give her whatever support she needs to reach her full potential.

“As the days have gone by, I’ve been given more and more responsibility,” she said. “I view this as positive – I’m more trusted by my colleagues.”

Fiona has found Shell to be an inspiring employer, as well as a flexible one.

“The most challenging part of my role has been juggling my time between working and taking care of my family. I’m married and have a young daughter, and my manager is very understanding.”

“There are so many opportunities at Shell to unleash your potential,” Fiona added. “There are different and diverse career paths open to you, the learning opportunities are vast and you have guidance from your senior colleagues – it makes you motivated to make a real impact every day.”

Fiona is very mindful of the global challenges that exist within the energy sector, and so is delighted to be part of an organisation which is leading the way in finding innovative solutions.

That collaborative, game-changing approach gives her confidence about Shell’s future in Malaysia and her own aspirations in Shell.

The next step in her development will be the Shell Advanced Technical Programme, a structured development programme that builds on foundations set by the Shell Graduate Programme.

Fiona said she would definitely recommend the Shell Graduate Programme to people with similar motivation and passion.

“It’s a great platform,” she said. “I already feel that I’m contributing, not just to Shell, but to my country and its development as well.”  

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