As an External Relations Advisor at Shell, Yee Chern Yunn, fondly known to her friends and colleagues as Chern, works apace with a variety of people in and out of her team, dealing with corporate communications, branding and social performance. She believes that one of the reason Shell produces top-notch work and employees is because it operates on the core value of collaboration.

“Across the value chain, everyone has to collaborate, even though it’s from different lines of the business. Everyone has to communicate effectively and work together to make sure that everything we are doing is producing the most value for the company, and also for all of the communities and countries that we operate in,” she says.

Besides a collaborative work environment, Chern describes her work at Shell to be dynamic as well. Having been with the company for over two and a half years, she tells us how everyone has the chance to switch to a different position should they find something else in the company they want to do. She believes that because the company has many different arms working together, one is able to have a varied and fulfilling career in the organisation.

She explains to us the concept of the employee ‘window’, saying: “After four years, you have the option of either continuing in your role, or you can go and find something else within the organisation that you would like to do. You always have the luxury to find something that you could explore. It’s definitely a unique and dynamic kind of setup.”

This dynamism also comes in the form of the people working at Shell. She elaborates how the company is open to people of different backgrounds and skill-sets, valuing more the ability for an individual to be able to work well with others, dream big, be constantly thinking on their feet.

Meet our graduates

Meet our graduates

Find out what life is like on the Shell Graduate Programme from current employees.

Meet our graduates

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