"I joined Shell as a Trainee Operation Engineer or supervisors under Terminal Operations skill pool. My role involves managing day - to - day operations field activities, bulk operations, maintenance, inspection and intervention tasks whilst safeguarding the technical integrity. Being able to obtain hands on experiences with the ship and tank farm operations as well to be involved in terminal safety drill exercise and bulk operations is the thing that I like the most about my job. I can learn more about how fuel is managed from the refinery to the terminal as well understand the integration of supply chain, distribution with plant operations. Apart from that, I like how I get to learn from people from different background and level of experiences ranging from the facilities manager, road transport, operation technicians, operators, engineers, retailers and external stakeholders. Besides it provides me with the challenges I have expected after graduated which allow me to see the engineering operations in real eyes. For me, it is a very good development program!"

* Elyana Naumi Ambu, Terminal Operations Supervisor

I had the honor to be enrolled in the Shell Scholarship Programme after I finished Form 6 in Kuching back in 2012, suffice to say that I wouldn’t be here without it. It was a life-changing moment for me as my family wasn’t financially capable to sponsor my tertiary education. I did my Masters of Engineering for Mechanical Engineering in the University of Sheffield and graduate with a 1st Class Honours in 2016. Prior to that, I joined Shell Assessed Internship Programme during summer holiday 2015 under the Sabah Maintenance Reliability team. It gave me my first real taste at working in Shell and I decided then that this is the company I want to have a lifelong career with. I officially joined the company in 2017 as a Graduate Rotating Equipment Engineer and is currently involved with supporting both Projects & Technology and Sarawak Asset. I am currently engrossed in various technical work and grateful for the development opportunity given by Shell. Graduating from the Scholarship was not the end of my journey in Shell. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning as I move on to my next stage of graduate development as a best-in-class engineer.

*Jeffrey Bong Wei Sian, Rotating Equipment Engineer

"Being part of the Shell Scholarship program gave me the opportunity to receive an excellent education both locally in Malaysia and abroad in the UK. The support I received throughout my 5 years in the program enabled me to make the most of my learning opportunities and grow both intellectually and professionally. Now a full-time Shell employee, I am confident that the skills, knowledge and experience I gained as a scholar will help me contribute to society and achieve career success."

* Darren Diewo, Trainee Pipeline Engineer