Join the Shell Graduate Programme and take part in our combined goal to power progress by delivering more and cleaner energy solutions. Working with global diverse individuals committed to the same purpose, you’ll experience a collaborative and inclusive environment that will enable you to thrive and work on creating change at scale. With your ideas and our support, we’ll work together to develop the energy solutions the world needs.

Power change from day one

Power change

Power change

At Shell you’ll see your ideas come to life and influence change at scale. You’ll get hands-on experience on projects and tasks that contribute to accelerating our global transition to net-zero emissions and make a real difference in how we power lives.

Take on challenges with purpose

Take on challenges with purpose

You’ll collaborate on cutting-edge projects, driving progress through innovation. Our teams are working together to deliver more and cleaner energy solutions which respect nature, reduce waste and protect biodiversity.

Find your Place

Find your place

Through a variety of projects, places and people, you’ll easily find something that interests you, make meaningful connections and continue your growth and learning at Shell. You’ll be supported in crafting your development journey tailored to your individual strengths and needs to help accelerate your growth and shape the future you want in your career.

Explore a world of opportunity and see how the Shell Graduate Programme can enhance your career. Through structured learning, hands-on projects, continuous feedback and supportive colleagues, the Shell Graduate Programme will give you the chance to grow and have impact in your chosen area. 

Apply to the Shell Graduate Programme

Whether you join the Technical or Commercial Functions area of the Shell Graduate Programme, you will receive unparalleled formal training that will enhance your career. We’ve designed the programme to give remarkable candidates like you the business knowledge and training you’ll need to become a future leader.

Right from the start, you’ll embark on a comprehensive Onboarding Programme that systematically exposes you to all areas of the organisation. Depending on your chosen path, you’ll participate in a two- to five-year development programme. This will include two or three rotations that combine on-the-job learning with formal training opportunities. You'll be given stimulating, hands-on roles, and have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our company values.

On top of a competitive starting salary and other outstanding benefits, you will have the ability to deepen your knowledge through structured learning and contributing to groundbreaking projects. All the while, you’ll be supported by a direct supervisor to provide guidance and constructive feedback, as well as an excellent mentorship programme.

Be valued and respected

Be valued and respected

We promote a learner mindset that encourages ‘learning by doing’ in a supportive environment. You’ll work side-by-side with diverse graduates and leaders that encourage curiosity and diversity of thought.

Be groomed as a future leader

Be developed to be a future leader

As you start in the programme, you will be assigned to real, challenging roles and/or projects to equip you with the necessary experience that will build your foundations for leadership. Upon completing the programme, you’ll be assessed on your potential to then move onto a managerial role.

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