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As COVID-19 continues to affect us, we at Shell Malaysia are committed in providing our support to the nation, especially our frontliners in the fight against this global pandemic.

Shell Malaysia’s priority is the safety and health of our people, customers, the communities we operate in and the continued safe operations of all our businesses. We remain committed in providing quality service to our customers.

We are in this together and we shall overcome this challenge.

Together, Malaysia boleh!

Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah supporting MRCS on the deployment of its mobile door-to-door vaccination programme for vulnerable groups and marginalised communities.
Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah supporting MRCS on the deployment of its mobile door-to-door vaccination programme for vulnerable groups and marginalised communities.
Shell’s Contribution Towards Malaysia’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Shell’s Contribution Towards Malaysia’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Shell Malaysia Boosts Malaysian Red Crescent & Mercy Malaysia's COVID 19 Relief Efforts with RM 4.2 Million Contribution


For the community

In enduring this challenging pandemic which has been raging for more than a year, many of us have fallen into despair and may be losing sight of the road to recovery. Despite all this uncertainty, our brave healthcare and enforcement frontliners continue to shield us by working tirelessly to keep us safe. We at Shell Malaysia cannot thank them enough. Since 2020, we have been extending our support in any way we can through the contributions of healthcare equipment and care packs to medical and enforcement officers across the nation. Our retailers’ network has also extended its support for this cause.

Supporting Healthcare

Healthcare support is of utmost priority as its crucial for our daily lives today. This year, we at Shell Malaysia donated approximately RM4.2 million for the country’s COVID-19 relief efforts through our partnership with two NGOs, namely MERCY Malaysia and the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS). The support which was channeled across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak include:

  1. Mobile vaccination programme which includes door-to-door vaccination for rural communities, the homeless, migrants, the elderly, bedridden or people with no accessibility.
  2. Provision of medical equipment for relevant facilities, which include ICU ventilators, physiological monitoring system, camp beds, medical supplies and tents. This support will be extended to about 11 hospitals and a vaccination centre.
  3. Support for medical and non-medical frontliners through the contribution of PPE items and ICU training.
  4. Provision of booster pack consisting of food/non-food items for about 2000 frontliners across nine hospitals and vaccination centres in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.
  5. COVID-19 awareness programmes for communities and schools, vaccine registration for vulnerable communities as well as psychosocial support for frontliners and families.

Aside from the above, Shell donated two units of humidifiers and patient monitors to Hospital Sibu. Additionally, Hospital Labuan and Hospital Miri received PPE and medical equipment from us this year. Shell also donated a portable X-ray machine to the Sabah Health Department as part of our on-going ‘Care for Community’ programme in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the state, early this year. Earlier this year, Pahang faced an episode of floods which was extremely daunting, given that the people’s fight with Covid-19 is still ongoing. To help provide the needed protection to the affected, we contributed approximately 18,000 care packs containing face masks and sanitisers to 10 relief centers across the state.

Supporting student access to education

Additionally, the pandemic has affected the community at large. While some of us are able to survive, many have had their livelihoods affected with no assurance of having three meals a day. The new path in which education has swerved has also impacted the student community as not all of them have the needed amenities for the new way of learning. Realising this, our 11 Shell retailers across Sabah and Sarawak took the initiative to set up a student community corner at their stations. This corner provides students with Internet, printing and other education related facilities which assists them in their studies

Supporting livelihoods

Part of our donation through MRCS will be channeled towards provision of food baskets comprising essential food items to approximately 8,000 underprivileged families across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The items provided will be sufficient for a family of five to sustain for at least two weeks.

 Apart from this, we at Shell Malaysia are also working with our dedicated retailers who have opened their premises to become a ‘community station’ which holds a Community Food Box that enables the community itself to donate any form of essential food items for those in need. There are now about 122 Community Food Box at Shell retail stations across the country. You can be part of this ‘from the people for the people’ initiative by dropping off any form of non-perishable food items in these boxes. Your contribution could prevent a family from going hungry.

Sustainable support

Through our partnership with MRCS, we are also sponsoring income-generating projects for single mothers which will be made available through grants and trainings. The support extends for refugee income projects which include setting up of shops, trainings and market support.

For our customers

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and at Shell Malaysia we remain committed to ensure there are no disruptions to our businesses and service delivery to our customers and partners. We have robust business continuity plans which we execute consistently to ensure the safety and sustainability of our business operations.

Our customers can be rest assured that our on-going efforts to keep our retail stations clean and safe remains our top priority. Here are how we ensure you have a safe experience in our retail stations while still being able to enjoy our delicacies and accessing our services:

  • Sanitisation: Disinfection of high-touch areas at our stations nationwide. High-touch areas are touchpoints located at fueling areas, Shell Select and facilities areas that are often exposed or used by customers. Every hour, these high-touch areas such as petrol pumps, fuel nozzles, pin pads, dispenser air balancers, door handles, pay windows, cashier area, tissue dispensers, switches, taps and sinks are disinfected.
  • Food and Store Safety: Take-away only or delivery orders for Deli2go, Select and 3rd party food brands during this time. Hourly sanitisation of all customers’ touchpoints including coffee machines touch screens, Deli2go countertops, pastry thongs and showcase handles.
  • Restrooms Cleaning Frequency: Shell restrooms will be cleaned every hour with water and soap always made available.
  • Social Distancing Markers at Stations – Social distancing markers will be placed in the stores and pay window area.
  • Provision of 6,000 pieces of face masks to Shell Fleet Card customers and their drivers.
  • Shell Lubricants Solutions: A 24/7 virtual assistance that comprises coaching and training for selected customers from relevant industries, who need our services during the MCO.

For on-ground initiatives, click here to find out more

For Shell Lubricants Solutions, click here

MERCY Malaysia contributing medical equipment and patient care essentials to support to the healthcare system in the country.
MERCY Malaysia contributing medical equipment and patient care essentials to support to the healthcare system in the country.
Hospital Tenom receives 1 unit of portable x-ray machine from Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Ltd.
Hospital Tenom receives 1 unit of portable x-ray machine from Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Ltd.
Student Community Corner
Student Community Corner
The Community Food Box at a retail station for the community to donate and pick up essential food items
The Community Food Box at a retail station for the community to donate and pick up essential food items
Hospital Miri receives essential items from Shell
Hospital Miri receives essential items from Shell
Truckers at Volvo with their face masks received from Shell
Truckers at Volvo with their face masks received from Shell

For our people

Our employees, contractors and site heroes are the backbone of Shell Malaysia. We cannot thank our people enough for their dedication in delivering only the best for our business, operations and most importantly our customers, while simultaneously being quick in adapting to the new ways working during this pandemic. Shell Malaysia will leave no stone unturned in ensuring their safety and well-being is taken care of. 

1. For Shell Retail station staff:

  • 17,500 care packs comprising face masks, sanitisers and food provisions are being distributed to our retail stations’ staff who are going strong in providing their services to our customers during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

2. For office-based employees:

  • Effective 17 March 2020, ​all office-based staff are working from home (WFH) until further notice.
  • All domestic air travel within Malaysia has been stopped, except for business-critical travel.
  • A ‘Care for Employee’ workstream that leads initiatives to keep all employees engaged and energised during these challenging times.
  • Virtual Employee Assistance Programme.
  • Virtual counseling services.

3. For employees and contractors working offshore and onshore:

  • Screening (e.g. temperature checks) and health declaration at pre-embarkation points.
  • On site isolation rooms, additional PPE, and a standard protocol to handle employees who require them.
  • A clear workflow on managing isolation, evacuation, disinfection, close contact tracing, support and care.
  • Masks and sanitisers for employees and contractors who are required to work during MCO.
  • Provision of Care Packs (mask, sanitiser, food items, drinks) to Shell contractors in all locations

Some of the community related initiatives we have embarked on since 2020:

Healthcare support

  • Provision of sanitisers, face masks, dry food and beverages to the Bintulu relief center while assisting seven schools there through the provision of face masks and sanitisers.
  • Contribution of items comprising hand sanitisers, sanitising wipes, infrared thermometers and printouts on proper health practices to about 13,000 school students and teachers across Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Labuan.
  • Contribution of 100 pieces of disposable coveralls and about 8,220 pairs of shoe covers to the medical frontliners in Hospital Bintulu.
  • Provision of 20,000 pieces of face masks to commercial truckers.
  •  Provision of essential items such as drinking water, face masks, goggles, coveralls, food and beverages to medical frontliners in six hospitals; Hospital Sungai Buloh, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, as well as hospitals in Bintulu, Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Labuan.

Community support

  • Contribution of a total of 13,440 bottles of Water2Go, 4080 canned drinks and 5184 instant cup noodles to 10 hospitals across Sabah.
  • A total of 200 care packages comprising daily essentials like rice, cooking oil, sugar, canned sardines, tea and crackers were contributed to 200 underprivileged families in Miri and Kota Kinabalu.
  • Helping the SMEs during the month of Ramadan by giving them an opportunity to sell their delicacies at Shell stations. This was to support local and small-time food vendors by providing them an avenue to market their goods during this difficult time.
  • Contribution of essential items to local communities and frontliners through our Shell stations located across the country. Part of the initiatives include supplying electricity for lamps and fans, temporary tents as well as contributing foods and drinks to local authorities.
  • Provision of food and beverages to medical frontliners in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh
  • Provision of food and mineral water bottles to the enforcement frontliners, the police and army.
  • Shell joined forces with BonusLink and launched an initiative to enable our customers to contribute to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
  •  COVID-19 Fund. For every 100 BonusLink Points (equivalent to RM 1) donated to the COVID-19 Fund, Shell donated another RM 1 to support this cause. The donation received was used to purchase healthcare equipment, medical supplies, and other protective essentials. The Shell and BonusLink donation drive collected a total of RM196,794 for MOH’s COVID-19 Fund. Collectively, customers contributed RM38,397 worth of BonusLink Points, and Shell matched the donation with another RM38,397. As a token of appreciation, Shell contributed an additional RM120,000 to MOH’s COVID-19 Fund, on behalf of our 12,000 Shell retail stations staff.
  • Shell and GoCar joined forces to provide Malaysian healthcare frontliners free usage of 200 Nissan Almera cars located at 127 Shell stations across Peninsular Malaysia with RM30 Fuel e-Vouchers, from 8 – 28 April.

We will continue to provide more updates here on our efforts as the situation develops.


Essential items for site heroes.
Essential items for site heroes.
Essential items for the police force
Essential items for the police force


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