Kuala Lumpur, 16 January 2010 – Shell Malaysia, today, hosted the gathering of its six Shell Cash Contest grand prize winners. These ordinary Malaysians, residing in Klang Valley, Kelantan Malacca, Penang and as far away as Kuching, Sarawak; each walked away with RM100,000 simply by filling up  a minimum of RM30 petrol at a participating Shell station.

During the prize presentation to the sixth winner, En. Azman Ismail, Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd’s new Managing Director, also recognized the unwavering support extended by Malaysian motorists especially since the launch of the company’s latest breakthrough fuel, the Shell FuelSave 95 and 97, in October last year, and its recently concluded 1 Litre Challenge in December.

“Shell has a long and proud history of continuously investing in research and development to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest in fuels technology.  Our customers who fuel up with our Shell FuelSave, and our recently crowned 1 litre Challenge Champion, know how far 1 litre of savings every tankful can take them.  In promoting our fuels, Shell has also built for ourselves, a reputation for offering exciting contests to reward our customers. We have in fact, also continuously improved on our rewards and contests. For example, we have, each year, increased both the grand prize amount and the number of prizes given out in our cash contests since we started it three years ago,” said En. Azman Ismail.

“Shell has already rewarded thousands of customers nationwide last year alone and thus far the response towards the Shell RM100,000 Weekly Cash Contest has indeed been encouraging. Already six weeks into the competition, we have been received an overwhelming number of entries and with eight more weeks to go, anyone can be a winner! This is Shell's big give,” he added.

This message was echoed by Week 6 winner, Ms. Tan Cheng Siew  from Terengganu. “The announcement came as a shocked to me as I did not expect to win. Considering the current economic climate, cash prize such as this will make a huge impact in my life and my family’s. I would like to thank Shell for giving me the opportunity to do so. What a great start to the New Year!” said Ms. Tan, who has been supporting Shell for many years. 

Mrs. Teo Lee Choo from Kuching, Sarawak was ecstatic too when she received a call from a Shell representative who congratulated her on the RM100,000 win. “This is the first time I had ever won a contest and moreover, it’s such a huge amount! I am planning to donate some of the money to Lions Home who has been taking care of my mother-in-law.”

En. Syahrul Hafizi Bin Amer from Penang said he was lost for words when he first received the call from Shell. “I have developed an interest in Super Bikes over the years and would love to own my own super bike. Now, with this prize money, I finally can. The balance of the win will be donated to a local orphanage home or single mothers association. Hopefully the money will make a mark on their lives as this win has had on mine.”

For information on how to get the most out of your fuel or for the terms and conditions of the contest, please ask your nearest Shell retailer or log on to fuelsave Notes to Editor:-
To enter the Shell RM100,000 Weekly Cash Contest, customers who purchase a minimum of RM30 worth of Shell fuels, lubricants or any Shell Select items are encouraged to submit a completed contest form along with the original sales receipts as proof of purchase, into the contest drop boxes placed at participating Shell stations.

Each week, Shell will give away RM100, 000 to one lucky grand prize winner, RM10,000 to three first place winners and RM100 as a consolation prize to 1000 additional customers. In addition, all weekly winners will receive BonusLink points matching the cash reward figures.

Shell will also be hosting a series of Shell FuelSave road shows around Peninsular Malaysia where consumers can win fantastic prizes. Catch the Shell team at the below spots from now till February 14 , 2010.

Date Location Special Appearances by Fahrin Ahmad
16 and 17 Jan Mid Valley Megamall 16 Jan 2010: 11:45 -12:45p.m.
30 and 31 Jan AEON Tebrau Mall, JB 31 Jan 2010: 11:00 – 12:30p.m
13 and 14 Feb East Coast Mall, Kuantan 13 Feb 2010: 12:00 to 2:00p.m

The Shell Cash Contest, that began 30 November 2009, and runs till 7 March 2010, will reward more than 14,000 Shell customers with up to RM3.22 million total cash. Adding to the day’s merriment was the attendance of10 winners from current and past Cash Contest who were honoured at the celebration, and En Fahrin Ahmad, Shell FuelSave Ambassador.

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