KUALA LUMPUR, 9 JULY 2010 – Malaysia’s Smartest FuelSavers, Jason Lai Tsuen Yung and Josephine Lee Siok Kin made Malaysians proud when they came in as first runner-up and second runner-up at the Asia’s Smartest FuelSaver Challenge. Set against the backdrop of the first ever Shell Eco-Marathon, our fuel efficient national champions took home cash prizes of RM2,000 and RM1,000 respectively in addition to receiving  additional 100,000 BonusLink points each.  

Alicia Ann Laisuthruklai representing Thailand was named ‘Asia’s Smartest FuelSaver when she clocked in 15.65 kilometres using one litre of Shell FuelSave. China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines each sent two representatives to partake in the Challenge.

En Azman Ismail, Managing Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd said, “It’s been an exciting journey to find Asia’s Smartest FuelSaver. Today’s Challenge is one of many initiatives undertaken by Shell as part of its ongoing commitment to educate motoring communities around Asia to be more fuel efficient and savvy. Huge congratulations to Jason and Josephine for not just completing the Challenge, but also by ranking in the top three. I am proud of Team Malaysia as they have come a long way to prove it’s easy to save fuel.”

All participating teams took part in the ‘Shell FuelSave Academy, an intensive boot camp led by the holders of more than 85 World Records, John and Helen Taylor. The duo set the Fuel Economy Guinness World Record when they travelled 28,970 kilometres using less than 40 tanks of Shell fuel. The Academy prepared the finalists for a tense challenge to drive as far as possible using just one litre of Shell FuelSave.

“As always, participating in any Shell competition is an unforgettable experience. Asia’s Smartest FuelSaver is very different from the Shell 1 Litre Challenge that I participated last year. We were tested on our knowledge of fuel-efficient tips, as well as on our driving skills. To make it more interesting, penalties were imposed if we fail to answer correctly. In addition to this, obstacles were created along the track to simulate an everyday driving experience, thus making the task even more challenging.” said Mr Jason Lai Tsuen Yung who came in second place clocking in 14.91 kilometres using only one litre of Shell FuelSave Unleaded.

Josephine who emerged third place having driven13.23 kilometres using a single litre of Shell FuelSave, said, “I’m absolutely delighted to have come in third place. This has been an incredibly remarkable experience for me especially the fact that I was able to not only represent East Malaysia but also my nation. The Shell FuelSave tips have become a regular part of my everyday driving and even my work colleagues are starting to practice it.”  

The Shell FuelSave Research Report 2010 for Malaysia, which was released during the Challenge, indicated that Malaysian motorists are making a conscious effort towards fuel efficiency. According to this research, Malaysian motorists’ fuel efficient habits are closely linked to factors such as economic impact, environmental considerations and also the level of awareness on fuel efficiency habits. As a result, Malaysia has one of the highest percentages of highly active fuel savers among the 11 countries surveyed.

Shell has a history of engaging motorists on how to save fuel since 2005 when Shell introduced its Shell FuelSave tips designed to help motorists adopt fuel-efficient driving habits. As further testament to its commitment to this cause, Shell has been actively conducting its global market research on drivers’ fuel saving habits and attitudes annually since 2007. This year’s Shell FuelSave Report surveyed 3,300 drivers in 11 different countries across Europe and Asia. The results revealed what drivers are currently thinking and doing to save fuel.

For more information on how to get the most out of your fuel or for more information on the event, visit fuelsave.

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