Held at Litar Lalulintas Majlis Perbandaran Seremban, winners received prizes from Dato’ Ismail Lasim Negeri Sembilan State Exco. Teams from Negeri Sembilan became the overall champions for this year’s National level Shell Traffic Games.

Students aged between 11 and 14 from primary and secondary schools around Malaysia moved on to the national-level after emerging as champions of Shell Traffic Games held in their respective states from March this year.

In his speech, Rozano Saad, Managing Director of Shell Refining Company (FOM) Berhad, said: “Each year, some 40,000 Malaysian school children participate in this programme. Shell Traffic Games has seen more than one million students go through the experience and learn more about road safety.”

Inaugurated in 1957, the same year Malaysia won its independence, the Shell Traffic Games is believed to be the longest running corporate social responsibility programme and shared a long and memorable history of the sustainable achievement for Malaysian. 

Held in all state capitals and practically every district and division in Sabah and Sarawak, the games are conducted on a specially equipped site in a safe location using pedal cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

“It is our hope that the lessons from the Shell Traffic Games will instil a sense of responsibility in the hearts and minds of the students as future road users, to help make our Malaysian roads safer. The Games represents an important area in road safety lessons for the young in Malaysia as it provides the practical platform for students to apply the theories taught to them in schools,” added Rozano.

Road safety is one of the top priorities in Shell. The company partners with various local and national agencies as well as non-government organisations to help reduce road accidents through educational seminars and workshops for drivers, contractors and haulers. Shell’s initiative is in support of the United Nations’ declaration of 2011-2020 as Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Shell Malaysia invests RM1 million annually in Shell Traffic Games to teach students the various aspects of road safety. The company believes in sustaining a long-term investment in road safety education for young Malaysians because every road safety lesson learnt at the Shell Traffic Games is a lesson learnt for the protection of human life.

The Games are organised annually by the State Road Safety Council and Shell Malaysia, together with resources from, and the close cooperation of state governments, state education departments, local councils, the Police as well as the transport and information departments and other related government agencies.

Team from Negeri Sembilan came on top as the overall National champion and walked away with RM4,000 including a challenge trophy for each team. The first runner up was awarded cash prizes of RM3,000 each to teams from Melaka and Terengganu, and RM2,000 each for Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Melaka for second runner-up.  All winners received a trophy and a medal.

“The issue of road safety has been aggressively discussed amongst Malaysian especially so, in recent years. At the heart of the issue is education and awareness of road safety, and more than ever it is important for our children to acquire road safety skills from a young age.  We also seek to educate more members of the public on road safety so we can make Malaysia roads safer for everyone,” concluded Rozano.


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About the Shell Traffic Games

Launched in 1957, the Shell Traffic Games is held annually in partnership with Road Safety Council and various government agencies. Today, more than a million young Malaysian road users have taken part in the games since its inception.

The annual Shell Traffic Games are staged at permanent traffic gardens or litar lalulintas specially designed to simulate a complete, miniature road system or traffic situation. It kicks-off from state-to-state and involves the participation of students from various district primary and secondary schools.  The finale of the Shell Traffic Games is then at the national-level where top scorers compete for the national championship and honours.

As part of the programme, participating schools are required to pass written tests on road safety. In subsequent practical or on-road tests, participants are awarded merit points for complying with road safety regulations, or conversely given demerits and issued traffic violations by real traffic police officers when they break road safety regulations or commit driving offences. Prizes are awarded to winning primary and secondary schools for the best road safety performance.

Every year from March to November, some 40,000 Malaysian schoolchildren and over 2,000 teachers, traffic police officers and competition sponsors and organising officials participate in this extensive road safety competition. 

Apart from Shell Traffic Games, the Company has also initiated various programmes for the youth, including environmental award for schools, industrial welding course for vocational schools, safety training for engineering students, and Shell Eco-Marathon Asia, where university students are challenged to design a vehicle that travels the furthest while using the least energy.

In addition to meeting the future energy needs, Shell is developing new technologies to further increase our leadership position in the gas industry. We continue to develop innovative technology solutions to deliver the energy our customers need, opening up new resources and producing more from existing fields. Our innovative approach also helps to reduce our impact on the environment, to operate safely, and to share the benefits with communities of developing energy resources.