Introduced in 2008, the programme aims to accelerate the country’s sustainable development progress by empowering qualified groups such as Malaysia-based NGOs, local academic institutions, schools, societies and individuals to initiate projects within the ambit of sustainable development.

Out of the thirteen awarded grants, 7 were for sustainable livelihood projects while the remaining 6 were chosen for their support of environmental conservation. Since its inception, the Shell Sustainable Development Grants Programme has remained focused on two key areas: environmental conservation and sustainable livelihood.

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Dr. Abdul Rahim Bin Haji Nik, Deputy Secretary General (Environmental), Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment and Mr. Iain Lo, Chairman, Shell Malaysia, presented the grants to three from Peninsular Malaysia, six from Sabah and four from Sarawak recipients at the award ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.

Iain Lo Chairman of Shell Malaysia said, “At Shell we believe that sustainable development is about operating in a manner that is attuned to community expectations and which acknowledges that businesses have a shared responsibility with government, and more broadly society, to help facilitate the development of strong and sustainable communities.”

He added “The Shell Sustainable Development Grants offers concrete evidence of the benefits of putting sustainability to work and of staying true to our own theme of helping to address the world’s growing need for energy in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner. That means, running our business in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”

Applauding Shell Malaysia on the project’s successes, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Dr. Abdul Rahim Bin Haji Nik, said, “With 5 years in the running, this programme has grown to reflect a true testament of how much excellent progress can be achieved when key stakeholders, NGOs, government departments and the community work hand in hand.“

Through Shell’s continued cooperation working with Malaysia-based NGOs, the awarded grants have assisted underprivileged communities to not only generate alternate and sustainable sources of income and employment via projects initiated, but also continue to provide education regarding the importance of environmental conservation issues to youth and the community at large.

While the most significant opportunities we bring to local communities are those directly related to our operations, it is part of our integral values to invest in the general wellbeing of the community and the broader publics who grant our license to operate.

From a list of over 63 applications, the following were selected for the 2013 Shell Malaysia Sustainable Development Grants:

Peninsular Malaysia:

  • Organisation : Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled
    Project Title  : WWW.OKUJOBS.COM.MY
    Objective : The is a job portal dedicated to the people with disabilities (OKU). The main objective of the portal is to assist OKU job seekers in securing employment by online job matching with prospective employers who intend to recruit OKU employees.

  • Organisation : Kelab Alami
    Project Title : Kelab Alami in Mukim Tg Kupang, Johor
    Objective : Continued support of long-term Youth Educaiton and Empowerment Program; Youth Development and Long-term Opportunities; Support and Opportunities for older youth & women; Continued capacity-building and support of Kelab Alami Local Committee

  • Organisation  : Center for Policy Research and International Studies (CenPRIS); Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
    Project Title  : Creating awareness among the youth on the importance of Mangrove Ecosystem In Penang (Phase 2)
    Objective  :To develop continuous knowledge and understanding among students and teachers of identifying mangrove species and the importance of sustainable mangrove plantation; to introduce different methods of sustainable consumption and conservation of mangrove; to train teachers of chosen schools in conducting environmental activities and communicating environmental message their students.


  • Organisation : Sarawak Dayak Graduates Associations (SDGA)
    Project Title : Fish Farming at Tapang Pungga Micro Hydro Reservoir
    Objective : Objective is to provide sustainable income for the Tapang Pungga Longhouse people, to protect the Sakum River catchment area from logging encroachment; to sustain the local fish species such as mahseer.

  • Organisation : Persatuan Warisan Bung Bratak (PERWARIBB)
    Project Title : Conservation of Bung Bratak Cultural and Biodiversity Heritage
    Objective :The project aims to continue to conserve the only remaining virgin tropical forest within the Bratak region by establishing boundaries of the community forest, undertake more awareness raising programmes; tagging of historic materials and sites and trees; tourism training; repair & upgrade existing infrastructure ie footpath, jungle trails; train the locals on homestay, handicraft & basic tourist guiding.

  • Organisation : JKK Pusat Jagoi, Bau
    Project Title : Conservation of Bung Jagoi Natural Richness
    Objective : The aim of this project is to conserve the ancestral village at Bung Jagoi and the community forest along with the biodiversity therein; to make Bung Jagoi as one of the must-go areas for tourists, thus will increase livelihood of the locals; to make it as a potential centre for documentation of traditional knowledge especially for herbal medicine.

  • Organisation : JKK Kpg Emperoh Jambu
    Project Title : Conservation of Bung Pengu Jambu
    Objective : To conserve the community rainforest within the Padawan- Penrissen region; use it as potential centre for documentation of traditional knowledge especially for herbal medicines, food, ornaments and culture.; ecotourism destination for nature lovers and generalist alike; to enhance livelihood of some village communities especially those who still live off the forest.


  • Organisation : Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies Society (BEST Society)
    Project Title : Community Participation in Sustainable Organic Agriculture at Kampung Rampai Besar, Kudat, Sabah
    Objective : The proposed project will focus on the empowerment of the local Rungus communities living in the indigenous villages through capacity building. With their active involvement and participation in the development of sustainable organic agriculture it will promote healthy diet and exploration of an alternative livelihood.

  • Organisation : PACOS TRUST
    Project Title : Building capacity, knowledge and leadership of the women in the indigenous community (outskirts of Sabah) for purpose of improving their economic state.
    Objective : This project aims to help the women from the indigenous community from the outskirts of Sabah in capacity, knowledge and leadership building with the objective of improving their economic state.

  • Organisation : Tatana Roots
    Project Title : Dusun Tatana: Documentation and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of this indigenous group in Sabah
    Objective : The objectives are to document the cultural and natural heritage of Dusun Tatana for present and future generation; to capacity build the Dusun Tatana community of Kuala Penyu by providing skills, knowledge and tools to be sustainable and to ensure they will continue to be the caretaker of their heritage; and to create economic returns for the Dusun Tatana community by designing homestay programmes in strategic locations.

  • Organisation : Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society
    Project Title : Detectives Needed! Look Out For Water Pollution - Stage 2
    Objective : This project aims to continue the efforts of determining the water quality at KK Wetlands. Through this project, it aims to enhance the Wetland Rangers Programme involving youths and community for effective monitoring in for a longer period. Effective water quality monitoring requires implementation of this community-based programme for the next 2 years in order to monitor the state of water quality at KK Wetlands.

  • Organisation : BC Initiative Sdn Bhd (Borneo Conservancy)
    Project Title : Biocultural Resource Identification
    Objective : The objective is to provide training to build capacity of local communities within the Melangkap Cluster, to identify and zone the Melangkap community bio-cultural resources and current land - use partners to ensure sustainable land use for the future.

  • Organisation : Kudat Turtle Conservation Society (KTCS)
    Project Title : Giving sea turtles a fighting chance: Community-based turtle conservation in Kudat
    Objective : The objectives are to foster a partnership between resort operators and local communities in ecotourism and turtle conservation; to implement turtle-friendly practices among resort operators; and to raise awareness among the public on the plight of turtles migrating through Kudat-Banggi waters.

Projects under the programme were selected based on their practicality, direct benefits, financial needs, sustainability and originality by an independent panel of two judges comprising of Prof. Dr. Felix Tongkul, Director; Pusat Penyelidikan dan Inovasi, Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Prof Dr Andrew Alek Tuen, Director ,Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.


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Malaysia is one of Shell’s heartlands. The history of Royal Dutch Shell in Malaysia started more than 120 years in Miri, Sarawak. Shell currently has a strong market presence in the upstream and downstream sector in Malaysia. 

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