Kuala Lumpur - Make the Future Live Malaysia 2019 was opened today at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia in a flag-off ceremony led by Dr Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) and Datuk Iain Lo, Chairman of Shell Malaysia.

The event kick started with Sky Pathway, a session in collaboration with MESTECC. Sky Pathway is an offshoot of Shell’s Sky Scenario, which illustrates a technically possible pathway for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. While the Sky Scenario has considered the global energy system as a whole, Sky Pathway will focus solely on Malaysia.

At the heart of Make the Future Live is Shell Eco-marathon Asia. Now in its tenth year, the Asian edition of Shell Eco-marathon returns to where it was first held, bringing together over 100 student teams from 18 countries across Asia Pacific and the Middle East to test which car can go the farthest using the least amount of energy.

One of the world’s longest-running student competitions, Shell Eco-marathon is a global programme that challenges bright student minds to design and build ultra-energy-efficient cars, and then put them to the test in competition.

“This year, Shell Eco Marathon has returned to Malaysia to celebrate a decade of competition between Asian universities. Each year, we see an increase in innovations in vehicle design, in fuel efficiency performance, as well as in participant team spirit. The flag-off that kick-started Shell Eco-marathon Asia today will not just start the competition but also signals the beginning of many journeys of discovery in cleaner energy," said Datuk Iain Lo, Chairman of Shell Malaysia.

"I thank MESTECC for their support and look forward to working with more leaders to provide more platforms that encourage our youths to explore sustainable solutions to meet future energy demands," he further added.

The student teams will be competing in either of two categories of the competition: Prototype – futuristic and highly aerodynamic vehicles – or UrbanConcept –vehicles that resemble today’s cars.

2019 sees a rather even participation in the vehicle types with 56 student teams participating in the UrbanConcept category and 53 student teams competing in the Prototype category. Students will compete in three different categories based on their selected energy source: Internal Combustion Engine (ICE): Gasoline, diesel, ethanol (biofuel); hydrogen fuel cell; and battery electric power.

Vehicles must pass a detailed technical inspection before they are allowed onto the track to see how far they can go on the least amount of fuel. As of today, over 45 student teams have passed the technical inspection of which three are from Malaysia.

The competition concludes on Thursday at the Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship Qualifier where the best UrbanConcept teams in the region will compete for their place in the Drivers’ World Championship in London in July in an exciting head-to-head race to find the most energy-efficient driver.

In addition, a small number of Shell Eco-marathon student teams are taking part in the development of a potential global category for the future. The Shell Eco-marathon UrbanConcept Autonomous Category continues to be developed with students, academics and businesses to build a category that can provide a challenging competitive arena for students to test their ideas and skills.

In Asia, teams have the opportunity to exhibit their UrbanConcept car in autonomous mode at Make the Future Live Malaysia. The driver will demonstrate their car moving along a stretch of track without their hands or feet controlling the vehicle. More details about the developing category will be available in due course.

Make the Future Live has the following Global Partners:

  • Agility
  • Altair
  • Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS
  • HP
  • Linde
  • Southwest Research Institute
Make the Future Live Malaysia is held with support from Coca-Cola, GoCar and Maxis.

For more information on Make the Future Live Malaysia and Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2019, please visit: www.shell.my/makethefuture

About Make the Future

Make the Future Live is a global programme bringing people and ideas into collaborative spaces, driving towards a lower-carbon energy future. The programme comes to Malaysia in 2019 bringing together participants from Asia Pacific and beyond.

At the heart of Make the Future Live is Shell Eco-marathon. Over its three-decade history the programme has seen thousands of high school and university students from across the world build ultra-energy-efficient vehicles, in a variety of designs, using a spectrum of energy types.

Every year brings new stories of human endeavour and technical excellence, as teams push the boundaries of what’s possible. In 2019, Make the Future Live Malaysia will host a regional leg of this global competition programme, Shell Eco-marathon Asia.

About Shell Eco-marathon

In April 2019, Shell Eco-marathon Asia returns to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which hosted the inaugural regional event in 2010. Through the years, Shell Eco-marathon Asia has grown in both number of teams and vehicles over the years. Over 100 student teams from 18 countries around Asia Pacific and the Middle East will compete in 2019. After spending months designing, building and testing their designs, these bright young engineers will put their self-built energy-efficient cars to the test on the iconic Sepang International Circuit.

Shell Eco-marathon Asia will include two key competitions this year. The longest running competition is the Mileage Challenge where teams compete to discover whose car could travel the farthest on the least amount of fuel. In 2018, the winning team of the Asian leg was efficient enough to travel 2,341 kilometres – about the distance from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Yangon, Myanmar – on just one litre of fuel!

In addition, teams will have the opportunity to take part in a qualifier for the Drivers’ World Championship. Matching the proven energy-efficiency of their car with the strategy, skill and speed of the driver, this is a race to see who crosses the finish line first without running out of their limited allocation of energy. Top teams will win their place in the 2019 Drivers’ World Championship, to be held in July in London.

Shell Eco-marathon is a visible demonstration of Shell’s commitment to help the world meet its growing energy needs in a responsible way by working together with students, partners and other stakeholders.

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