One of the taxi drivers receiving his certificate

Bintulu, 23 August 2019 – In its continued effort to inculcate behavioural change among road users within the Bintulu community starting with taxi drivers, Shell MDS Malaysia presented 43 Bintulu taxi drivers with a certificate of achievement after a 12-months long participation in a workshop as part of Shell’s Defensive Driving Training programme, while kickstarting the second round of the workshop. The event took place on 22 August 2019.

The certificate of completion was presented by Encik Razami bin Mohd Jamali, Director of Sarawak Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (LPKP) and Mr Chris Schultz, General Manager Shell MDS Malaysia witnessed by Encik Muhammad Dino bin Amid, Bintulu District Officer. The event was held at ParkCity Everly Hotel Bintulu.

The 43 taxi drivers were the first group to partake in the programme, which started back in September 2018. The Defensive Driving Technique programme for Bintulu taxi drivers is an effort under the #ShellSelamatSampai community outreach programme. 50 more Bintulu taxi drivers will partake in the second round of the one-year long workshop.

taxi drivers engaged in the workshop

“I applaud Shell’s initiative for conducting this workshop for the second time for our taxi drivers. Similar workshops have also been conducted by them in Miri and Kota Kinabalu. We are always grateful to organisations that come forward to support the local authority in ensuring the safety of the community where we live in, especially Shell which is known to be a huge advocate for safety, be it on one’s personal safety or road safety,” shared Encik Muhammad Dino bin Amid.

The programme which begins with a one-day workshop consisted of Defensive Driving Technique, Anger and Fatigue Management, vehicle maintenance as well as Attitude and Customer Care, aimed to refresh these drivers on road safety, customer care and adopting the right drivers’ attitude. A Helix product efficiency demonstration was also a part of this workshop.

Following the workshop, the taxi drivers will be monitored by LPKP and the Bintulu resident office, in a six-month evaluation process. This assessment will play a big role in the renewal of their licenses. Post the evaluation, the graduating taxi drivers will be presented with a certificate of achievement.

the bintulu taxi drivers

“Safety has always been a priority at Shell MDS Malaysia. We believe in sharing our safety culture with the community here and have extended our road safety advocacy to taxi drivers in Bintulu to ensure that the local community benefit from this safety intervention,” said Chris Schultz, the General Manager of Shell MDS Malaysia.

 According to Mr Yeo Swee Kee, one of the recipients of the certificate of achievement and the President of Bintulu Taxi Association, the programme is helpful in enhancing the quality of driving, security and customer service for the taxi drivers. He further added that he hopes that these programmes can continue from year to year.

“This workshop will be very beneficial to us taxi drivers in being extra cautious and careful while driving. Besides that, it helps increase our knowledge in managing the technical aspects of our vehicles while giving emphasis on customer care,” said Akau Anak Alap, one of the Bintulu taxi drivers who is part of the second round of workshop.

In addition to the Defensive Driving Technique workshop for taxi drivers, there are also other programmes under the #ShellSelamatSampai flagship; one of it being the #ShellSelamatSampai School Challenge. In this initiative, secondary schools nationwide compete annually to implement road safety intervention projects that benefit the school and the surrounding communities.

This year, SMK Bintulu emerged as national champion of the #ShellSelamatSampai School Challenge, which took place on the third day of Shell Eco-marathon Asia which was part of Shell’s Make The Future Live Malaysia 2019 in May this year.

Shell Malaysia has been a strong advocate for the improvement of road safety culture amongst Malaysians since 1957. #ShellSelamatSampai was established in 2016 with the aim to comprehensively drive road safety awareness and behavioural change among motorcyclists and youth, who contribute to the highest fatality rate in road crashes in Malaysia.

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