Shell strives to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best people from an increasingly diverse pool of talent. Employees who feel respected, valued, and engaged develop stronger relationships and become more involved in their work. At Shell, we create a safer and more inclusive workplace which reflects our values and enable our people to excel.

 A diverse workforce and inclusive employment practices ensure that we better understand our increasingly varied customer base, as well as building stronger relationships with them. D&I also helps create a workforce that mirrors the communities in which Shell operates, enabling us to better understand and build relationships within the communities, optimising the positive economic and social impact of Shell's presence. Shell, as an established world leader, sees a diverse staff and an inclusive work environment as vital to building relationships.

Shell Malaysia is one of the first employers in Malaysia to implement diversity and inclusion (D&I) and we continue to promote the D&I integration into our operations and culture.

In 2018, Shell Business Operations KL emerged winner for the ‘Best International Company’ category in TalentCorp’s Life@Work Awards for its Diversity & Inclusion(D&I) and Work Life Practices (WLP). In conjunction with that, TalentCorp, the national agency that drives Malaysia's talent strategy, alongside Malay Mail conducted an interview with Shell’s management and employees to highlight Shell’s work-life practices, company culture and diversity and inclusion agenda. This feature is also aimed to encourage other Malaysian organisations to drive the D&I agenda in their entities.

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