We would like to clarify that it was a Go-To-Safety-Point (GTSP) simulated event, conducted in collaboration with Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM). The simulation demonstrates the GTSP standard operating procedure, and it was conducted in a controlled environment with the help of PDRM. All participants involved including the "victim" and "site heroes" are trained professionals.

The GTSP Programme started in 2013 with the objective of providing protection to victims of crime and accidents. All Shell stations in Malaysia are GTSP trained and equipped with a silent alarm to assist the public in the event of an emergency.

For incidents such as robberies, we advise customers to remain calm and do not react or take any action that could jeopardise their safety. Our site heroes are trained to respond and help victims, take victims to a safe place, contact PDRM or the ambulance, and assist the authorities in their investigations.

Since the implementation of the GTSP programme at Shell, we have observed a reduction of crime and robbery incidents at our petrol stations. For more information on GTSP, click here

Our priority is the safety and health of our people and customers, and the continued safe operations of all our businesses.