What she was doing was not fulfilling enough at the end of the day. Then came a moment when she realised she wanted to be an entrepreneur and become her own boss. At the very same time, Shell announced that it was recruiting new retailers. Agatha immediately applied and after six rounds of interviews, she finally got the retailership. Agatha reflects that the trainings and guidance provided by Shell has opened her eyes on the many important aspects of running a business, especially the importance of having a strong team to help grow her business.

Today, she is the owner of one retail station in Kota Marudu and she is Shell’s appointed retailer to manage the Shell station in Donggongon. Besides entrepreneurship, Shell also helped her realise her inner passion for helping people through her business. Agatha is grateful for Shell’s People Make The Difference Real programme, as it has helped her run her retail business and manage her staff well, while understanding the needs of the communities. This further drove her to extend help to the underprivileged and that’s how she came across Shaharil. He was from a broken family and had dropped out of school. Her sympathy and drive to do something for him made her appoint him as a staff at her station. She nurtured, mentored and guided Shaharil in developing himself and learning new traits. As a result of Agatha’s guidance and growing up in the Shell culture, Shaharil became one of the most loved staff among customers and peers. Today, he is a proud Forecourt Captain. Agatha continues to provide work opportunities and nurture the underprivileged to help them develop themselves and their livelihoods, as she believes that this is her way to give back to the community.

To learn more on Agatha’s story and how she took a leap of faith to pursue what she believes in, click https://podcasts.radioactive.sg/?id=c6aea0550e3335befbe3fecb7c20127d&track=65