Shortlisted Winners List

To all our shortlisted winners, welcome to a new journey with Shell.   

Company Name Product
Warna Pops Ventures Ice Cream (Popsicles)
Nourish Care Le' Natura Wholesome Fibre Biscuits
Rahmat Venture Frozen Food (Karipap, Keria)
Saudagar Global Resources Wondercheese
TFN Success Group Snacks (Brownies)
Musk Ventures Malt Flakes Almond Chocolate
Haliza Industries Snacks (Bingo Bite)
KLC Marketing & Sales Heat & Eat
Ryverra Chocolate & Confectionery Estana Chocolate
MAD About Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hasjay Group Hasjay Group
Izara Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ijan Delights & Pastries Kek Batik
Roseputih Ready-to- Eat Paste
Candy Crum Trading  Caramel Popcorn
Gemersik F&B Snacks - Popchiz
Suraya Cosmetics & Health Care  Snacks - Dory Skin
Marhas Trading  Snacks - Chips
Anak Cekal International Ready-to-Eat Serunding
Aluya Kitchen Ready-to-Eat Sambal
Samza Food Industries Ready-to-Eat Meals
Dish By Ili Services Ready-to-Eat Chilli Oil
Sejuk Confectionery Ice Cream

Note: The winner list is not in any particular order.