Redeem Rewards

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Noisy backseat passengers? Calm the kids and enjoy brighter moments for a smoother journey, from 100 BonusLink points.

Now you can instantly redeem rewards by presenting your BonusLink card to our cashier, or by using the card at our fuel pumps. It’s that easy!

Redeeming BonusLink Points Is Easy!

Earn Points

Man refueling Shell Vpower

Whether you drive a car or ride a motorbike, benefit from your purchases by earning BonusLink points!

Swipe your BonusLink card when you buy Shell Fuels or Lubricants, and start earning points today.


How to Earn Points:

Shell Fuels

1 Litre = 1 Point

Earn 25% extra points when you pump Shell V-Power Racing

Shell Lubricants

RM1 = 1 Point

Bonus Points

Maximise your rewards and earn bonus points whenever you pump above 125 litres of Shell fuels per month.

125 - 250 litres/month = 25 bonus points

251 - 500 litres/month = 75 bonus points

> 500 litres/month = 150 bonus points


Earn BonusLink Points with these simple steps.