With the newly enhanced Shell Citibank Gold Credit Card, you can now combine all your spending to start enjoying rebates as high as 8% on Shell fuel.

It’s easy to save more on fuel by consolidating all your credit card expenditure to your Shell Citibank Gold Credit Card.  Be it on Shell fuel, groceries, dining, shopping, or even on any recurring bills. 

Rebate structure at a glance

Tier Monthly Total Spend (Shell Fuel Spend + Other Spend) Rebate on Shell Fuel Spend
1 RM300 - RM999 4%
2 RM1000 - RM2499 6%
3 RM2500 and above 8%

Your maximum Shell fuel spend rebates is at RM250 for Tier 1, RM500 for Tier 2 and RM800 for Tier 3.

Look how you can earn more rebates

Shell Spend RM800 + Other Spend RM2,200 RM3,000
Rebate Rate (Tier 3)* 8%
Monthly Rebates Earned RM64
Yearly Rebates Earned** RM768

*As determined by monthly total spend
**Assuming same spend every month for 12 months

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