Shell Advance AX5


Shell Advance AX5 with Active Cleansing Technology is a Premium Mineral motorcycle engine oil. The unique Active Cleansing Technology helps prevent dirt particles sticking together to form deposit to keep the motorcycle engine cleaner. A clean motorcycle engine will run more efficiently and will be better protected.

Shell Advance AX5 4-stroke motorcycle oil meets the requirement of most motorcycles. During the stop-start cycle of commuter journeys, mid-size engines require reliable oil performance under a range of conditions. Shell Advance AX5 is an ideal oil for standard motorbikes thanks to its high oil-performance reliability which helps to protect and clean your engine and prolong its life.

Key Features:

  • Keep Piston and Engines Clean – Clean and more responsive engine means more power 1
  • Superior Wear Protection – 29% better wear protection against industry limits 1
  • High Temperature Protection – 25% better protection at high temperature 1

Available in viscosity grades: 15W-40. Formulations meet: API SL and JASO MA.

1 Claims based on field trial results and/or lab-based data.

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