Shell Advance Long Ride


Shell Advance Long Ride is a fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil with PurePlus Technology, a revolutionary process that delivers crystal clear base oil made from natural gas with virtually no impurities – making it 99.5% pure.

Expertly engineered to provide more endurance during long rides for 4-stroke modern motorcycles.

Shell Advance Long Ride provides Shell’s ultimate endurance for modern motorbikes. It provides extra mile for touring, and its robust formulation keeps engine running trouble-free, giving peace of mind especially on a long journey.

Key Features:

  • Oil Volatility Control– Ensures lower oil consumption due to its stronger molecular bonds and up to 79% better than industry standard.1
  • Effective Lubrication – Performance up to 6,000 KMS without compromising engine protection and performance 1
  • Robust Formulation –  17.9% more oxidative stable than a leading fully-synthetic competitor product, keeping your engine running trouble-free during a long journey1

Available in viscosity grade: 10W-40. Formulation meets: API SN and JASO MA2.

1 Claims based on field trial results and/or lab-based data.

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