Zulkhibri Bin Mohd Yusof

“From 1st, 2nd to 3rd gear, response is fast and clutch-changing is very smooth with this new engine oil. I feel a more complete combustion with Shell V-Power."

Rossaedi Bin Hamid

“I finally understand the importance to start with a clean engine. I appreciate that the Shell technicians helped to remove residue from the previous oil I was using before the trial so that my engine only contains this new Shell Advance Ultra for a full experience!."

Norazri Bin Misngun

“If you ask me to score, I will score 99.9% for this oil. I felt the air coming out from my engine at high speed was significantly less hot compared to before for a long haul journey. The cooling function of this engine oil is superior."

Sharizal Salleh

“I experienced peak performance as I believe it’s the combination of Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology & Shell V-Power since its my first time."

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