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Higher engine RPM

Shell Wireframes Higher engine RPM

Scooter engines run at higher RPMs than motorbikes, that’s why Shell Advance Scooter Oil is formulated to ensure clean piston underside.

Hotter engine temperatures

Shell Wireframes Hotter engine temperature

Scooter engines usually operate at higher temperatures than motorbike engines. Shell Advance Scooter Oil is specially formulated to retain stable viscosity in order to maintain the oil’s performance, even at extreme temperatures.

Automatic Clutch

shell wireframes automatic clutch

Scooters have an automatic clutch, which generates different friction characteristics to motorbikes. Shell Advance Scooter Oil accommodates friction modifiers to ensure significant fuel efficiency gains.

Find the right oil for your scooter

Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter

Provides ultimate protection and performance for all kinds of modern scooters.

Shell Advance 4T AX7 Scooter

The ideal oil for modern 4-stroke scooters which tend to undergo high stress from daily commutes in start-stop traffic, particularly in hot and humid climates.

Shell Advance 4T AX5 Scooter

Formulated with Shell Active Cleansing Technology which helps prevent dirt particles sticking together to form deposits providing reliable performance for modern 4-stroke scooters under a range of conditions.

Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil

Shell Advance scooter gear oil is suitable for automatic gear boxes of major scooter makes & models. It is specially formulated for scooter gear box for smooth transmission and wear protection.

*Smooth ride is defined as (1) reduced noise and vibration due to shear stable lubricant, (2) smooth engine operation and performance as lubricant retains viscosity for longer and keeps engine clean. Claims are based on field trial results and are supported by lab based data (controlled environment) in standard industry Micro Coking Test

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