Shell Helix HM 15W-50

Shell Helix High Mileage helps protect high mileage engines from the formation of sludge and engine deposits. It contains anti-wear additives to help slow down wear and seal conditioning agents to help to stop oil leakage.


Everyday motorway or city driving can mean severe conditions for engine oil. Shell Helix High Mileage helps to prolong the engine life of modern vehicles in demanding daily traffic conditions. Suitable for gasoline, gas or ethanol containing fuels.

Key Features

  • Up to 40% better wear protection to help prolong engine life¹
  • Helps to maintain engine cleanliness for better performance
  • Extra protection helps reduce leaks and oil loss
  • Active seal conditioning agent helps keep seals pliable to prevent leaks and oil loss
  • Helps reduce oil consumption and burn-off²
  • Excellent turbocharger protection³


  • ACEA A3/B3

¹Compared with specified limits and based on the OM646LA engine test
²Based on NOACK and Sequence IIIH engine test
³Based on ACEA EP6CDT

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