Vehicle owner details:

Make - Toyota

Model - ALTIS 1.8G SPE C

Year of manufacture - 2004

Engine capacity - 1800 cc

Current mileage - 340,000

Duration of ownership - 10-OCT-2016

Frequency of usage - Daily

Previous brand of engine oil used - Rolf Semi Synthetic


1. How would you describe your car?

It takes me wherever I want to go without fuss.

2. What is the best part (or what do you like best) about owning your car?

It is nice to drive and spacious. It is also quiet, no rattling sounds at all.

3. Please share a memorable moment you had with your car.

It is totally dependable and takes me wherever I want to go. I work in sales and travel outstation extensively and it has never failed me.

4. What kind of tender loving care (TLC) do you give to your car to ensure that it ages gracefully?

I clean it weekly and check the engine oil level and radiator water level. I also service my car on schedule and use a semi-synthetic engine oil.

5. What do you plan to do with your car in the near future?

Keeping it for sure.

6. What are your thoughts about Shell Helix High Mileage now that you have tried it? Will you recommend it?

Yes, it is a good oil. The engine felt heavier at first but I am happy with its performance after running it for a while.

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