Motoring journalist and editor Daniel Fernandez is one of the most prolific providers of automotive news and reviews in the country. Besides running motoring websites in English, Malay and Tamil, he also contributes to several major publications, including a Chinese daily. His has a passion for collecting unique cars from the 70s and 80s. Among them is a rare and head-turning 1979 Volkswagen Golf GTi Cabriolet, which he drives every weekend to envious stares.

Vehicle owner details:

Make - Volkswagen

Model - GOLF Gti Mk1

Year of manufacture - 1979

Engine capacity - 1.8-litre

Current mileage - 134,000 km

Duration of ownership - 26 years

Frequency of usage - Every weekend

Previous brand of engine - oil used Shell Helix Ultra


1. How would you describe your car?

It is a rare model and a head-turner

2. What is the best part (or what do you like best) about owning your car?

It attracts attention wherever it goes. The quality of the material used is very good – just look at the steering wheel – no flaking or plastic degradation

3. Please share a memorable moment you had with your car.

It is the second car in my collection and I have had the pleasure of owning it for 26 years!

4. What kind of tender loving care (TLC) do you give to your car to ensure that it ages gracefully?

I service it according and even before schedule. I drive it every weekend but make sure that I don’t overtax the engine, so they are short drives

5. What do you plan to do with your car in the near future?

This is definitely a keeper!

6. What are your thoughts about Shell Helix High Mileage now that you have tried it? Will you recommend it?

Yes, will definitely use and recommend it. After running in the car beyond 300 km, the difference is very noticeable. The engine sound and tone is different when idling, sounds tighter. Engine less hesitant when accelerating. It also seems to run at a lower temperature. In fact, the engine sounds like when I first got the car years ago. It is better to pay for a good oil that will save you a lot of repair costs in the long run

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