An editor with a popular motoring website, Hazril Hafiz ’s other passion is in introducing the world of classical literature to a local, Malay-literate audience. His 2013 book featured translated snippets of works by great writers like Shakespeare, Hemingway and Homer as well as original works by Ibrahim Yaakob, Alina Abdullah and Hafiz himself. His daily commute of choice for the past nine years is a 1992 Toyota Corolla 1.3 SE.

Vehicle owner details:

Make - Toyota


Year of manufacture - 1992

Engine capacity - 1.3-litre

Duration of ownership - 9 years

Frequency of usage - Daily

Previous brand of engine oil used - Castrol Magnatec


1. How would you describe your car?

Very reliable

2. What is the best part (or what do you like best) about owning your car?

It takes me to and from work without fuss

3. Please share a memorable moment you had with your car.

It was the first car that I bought – some nine years ago

4. What kind of tender loving care (TLC) do you give to your car to ensure that it ages gracefully?

I use a good oil as it helps maintain the engine.  I use fully synthetic oil sometimes even though it is unnecessary

5. What do you plan to do with your car in the near future?

I might sell it but if I decide to keep the car, I will definitely continue using Shell Helix High Mileage.

6. What are your thoughts about Shell Helix High Mileage now that you have tried it? Will you recommend it?

The price is on the high side but I am willing to pay after experiencing it first hand. Engine feels heavier but somehow much nicer to drive.  Idling is also more stable

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