Step 1: Visual Checks

3 Simple Steps To Validate Your Security Code

Step 1: Visual Checks

Check the colour-changing portion. The word ‘Shell’ should disappear when wet and reappear when dry.

Make sure the cap is properly sealed. You will hear a cracking sound when you twist open the cap.

Step 2: Visual Checks

Step 2: Peel & Scratch

Peel the top layer and scratch the silver film for the 8-character Security Code

Step 3: SMS** TO 33228

SMS the 8-character Security Code to 33228 in this format:

Shell<space>Security Code

*Security labels are only available for Shell Helix (3L & 4L), Shell Rimula (5L), Shell Spirax (4L).

**Only available in Malaysia. Each SMS will cost RM0.30. Standard telco charges may also apply.

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