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Our continued focus on technology innovation has helped us create this leading lubricant for heavy-duty diesel engines.

New Shell Rimula R6 LM is proven to reduce your total cost of ownership through several key benefits, including improved equipment protection and cleanliness.

With continued testing and analysis over millions of kilometres in collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers, we have developed an engine oil that will work harder, to help your business succeed.

Lower exhaust emissions ¹

Managing exhaust emissions is important, not only to comply with legislative requirements but also to ensure efficient operations, as blocked exhaust filters can actually increase fuel consumption. The low-ash additive system in Shell Rimula R6 LM is designed to control filter blocking and maintain excellent control of wear and deposits.

Up to 56% better protection against engine wear ²

Good engine durability is essential to minimise unplanned downtime and maximise engine life. Developed by our scientists, the anti-wear booster in Shell Rimula R6 LM provides extra protection against wear in highly stressed areas of the engine.

Longer oil drain intervals ³

Many engine manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, assess the optimum drain interval of oil on its performance in relation to piston cleanliness. The new and improved formulation for Shell Rimula R6 LM delivers outstanding piston cleanliness throughout the oil maintenance interval.

Up to 56% cleaner pistons 

Approved for long-drain-interval application by Mercedes-Benz and others, Shell Rimula R6 LM exceeded the piston cleanliness of Daimler’s most demanding limits by 56% in the MB OM 501 LA test.

Unique low-ash addictive system designed to control diesel particulate filter (DPF) blocking.

Compared to the MB 228.51 engine oil specification limit, as measured in the MB OM 646 LA Engine Test.

Dependent on vehicle type and application.

Compared to the MB 228.51 engine oil specification limit, as measured in the MB OM 501 LA Test.

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